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Dr. Nikhil Kumar

Dr. Nikhil Kumar

MBBS, DM - Cardiology
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  • Dr. Nikhil Kumar is a leading cardiologist known for his expertise in complex cardiac interventions, including angioplasty and bypass surgery.
  • Renowned for his commitment to patient well-being, Dr. Kumar pioneers research in personalized treatment approaches for heart diseases.
  • Advocates for preventive cardiology through community outreach programs, aiming to reduce the burden of cardiovascular ailments.
  • Recognized for his compassionate care and exemplary surgical outcomes, Dr. Kumar has earned the trust of patients and peers alike.
  • Continuously engages in medical education initiatives, ensuring the next generation of cardiologists benefit from his wealth of experience.
profile summary

Profile Summary

Dr. Nikhil Kumar is a highly respected cardiologist renowned for his expertise in intricate cardiac interventions, notably angioplasty and bypass surgery. With a profound dedication to patient-centered care, Dr. Kumar emphasizes personalized treatment approaches tailored to each individual’s needs. His proactive stance on preventive cardiology extends to spearheading community outreach programs aimed at raising awareness and promoting heart health education.

Dr. Kumar’s compassionate demeanor and exceptional surgical outcomes have earned him the trust and admiration of both patients and colleagues. Furthermore, he remains deeply committed to advancing medical education, actively mentoring aspiring cardiologists and contributing to the ongoing evolution of cardiac care practices.

doctor experience

Experience of Dr. Nikhil Kumar

  • Dr. Nikhil Kumar has around 42 years of experience in the field of Cardiology.
trainng and certification

Training and Certifications

  • MBBS
  • DM – Cardiology

Expertise in Disease/ Treatment

  • Dr. Nikhil Kumar specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of complex cardiac conditions, including coronary artery disease and heart failure.
  • Renowned for his proficiency in performing intricate cardiac interventions