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Dr. Manish Jain

Dr. Manish Jain

MBBS, M.D. (Psychiatry)
  • Skills :
    Neuropsychiatrist, Sexologist, Psychiatrist


  • Dr. Manish Jain studied in the field of psychiatry in various institutions.
  • He has 14 years of experience and specialized in Anxiety Disorders & Depression, General Adult Psychiatry, Marital Problems
  • Dr. Manish Jain is currently working as a consultant psychiatrist.
profile summary

Profile Summary

Dr. Manish Jain is one of the best Psychiatrists practicing in Patparganj, New Delhi.

He has successfully managed several people with psychiatric and marital problems.

Dr. Manish Jain specializes in managing cases of adult psychiatry, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and acute and chronic depression.

Dr. Manish ensures that his patients do not hesitate to put up their issues with him by comforting them.

Dr. Manish Jain graduated and post graduated from  the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College.

doctor experience

Experience of Dr. Manish Jain

  • Dr. Anil Bhan is a renowned Cardiac Surgeon with nearly 40 years of experience.
trainng and certification

Training and Certifications

  • MBBS – University of Delhi
  • M.D. (Psychiatry) – University of Delhi

Expertise in Disease/Treatment

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Martial Complications
  • Headache Management
  • Male Sexual Problems
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Female Sexual Problems
  • Sleep Disorder Treatment
  • Depression Counseling
  • Sleep Disorder Treatment