• Mumbai, India
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Dr. K. Sridhar

Dr. K. Sridhar

MBBS DNB (Neurosurgery)
  • Skills :
    Neurosurgery, Spinal Surgery


  • Dr. K. Sridhar has introduced pioneering techniques, advancing the field significantly.
  • With over three decades of experience, Dr. Sridhar has successfully conducted numerous surgeries, gaining recognition both nationally and internationally.
  • Dr. Sridhar has made substantial contributions to neurosurgical research, publishing significant findings in reputable medical journals.
  • Dr. Sridhar plays a crucial role in guiding and mentoring aspiring neurosurgeons, contributing to the future of the profession.
  • Dr. Sridhar is renowned for his compassionate and patient-centric approach, ensuring the highest quality of treatment and support for his patients.
profile summary

Profile Summary

  • Dr. K. Sridhar, with over three decades of practice, is celebrated for his proficiency in intricate brain and spinal surgeries.
  • Dr. Sridhar’s pioneering techniques in neurosurgery and significant research contributions, showcased in reputable medical journals, have advanced the field remarkably.
  • Dr. Sridhar passionately nurtures future neurosurgeons, sharing his extensive knowledge and skills to shape the upcoming generation in the field.
  • Dr. Sridhar’s patient-centric approach ensures tailored care, prioritizing optimal outcomes and unwavering support for each patient’s journey.
doctor experience

Experience of Dr. K. Sridhar

  • Dr. K. Sridhar has more than 30 years of experience in this field.