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Dr. Garvit Chitkara

Dr. Garvit Chitkara

Senior Consultant, Oncology (Breast)
  • Skills :
    Oncology (Breast)


  • Dr. Garvit Chitkara is a highly skilled oncologist specializing in breast cancer.
  • Dr. Garvit Chitkara is a renowned oncologist with extensive experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of breast cancer.
  • He has received comprehensive medical education and specialized training in oncology, focusing specifically on breast cancer, from reputable institutions.
  • Dr. Chitkara possesses a deep understanding of the complexities of breast cancer, including its various subtypes and stages, allowing him to provide personalized and targeted treatment approaches.
  • He stays updated with the latest advancements in breast cancer research and treatment modalities through continuous education and active participation in medical conferences and workshops.
  • Dr. Garvit Chitkara specializes in the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer, collaborating closely with breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and individualized care.
  • He emphasizes a patient-centered approach, ensuring that his patients and their families are well-informed about their diagnosis, treatment options, and the potential outcomes, fostering a strong doctor-patient relationship.
profile summary

Profile Summary

Dr. Chitkara is skilled in a wide range of treatment modalities for breast cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy. He has a compassionate and empathetic demeanor, providing support and guidance to his patients throughout their breast cancer journey, addressing their concerns and helping them cope with the physical and emotional challenges. Dr. Garvit Chitkara actively participates in research and clinical trials focused on breast cancer, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the development of novel treatment approaches. He is highly regarded by his peers and patients alike for his expertise, dedication, and commitment to delivering the highest standard of care to individuals battling breast cancer.

doctor experience

Experience of Dr Garvit Chitkara

He has 15  years of vast experience.

trainng and certification

Training and Certifications

• M.B.B.S.
• D.N.B. – General Surgery
• HBNI Fellowship in Breast oncology (TMH)
• Clinical Observership in Breast Oncoplasty in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre
• Clinical Observership


Expertise is Disease/ Treatment

• Breast Cancer Surgery
• Oncoplastic Breast Surgery