Alternative Therapies for Chronic Kidney failure

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Are you frustrated with regular dialysis and want to come out it?

Are you concerned with your deteriorated condition of your Kidney?

Are you worried that doctor has recommended for Kidney Transplant and you don't have the donor ?

We are here to help you !!!

If you undergoing the pains of frequent dialysis and continuous medication and still the condition of Kidney is getting deteriorated, You must be having a feeling of helpless ness. The ultimate treatment of the chronic kidney diseases is the Kidney transplant and for that you must have to have a donor from family. And many of times, due to different reasons family members are not willing to donate the organ. Moreover, the cost of Kidney transplant procedure is pretty high.

Does that mean, you need to live rest of your life seeing continues deteriorated and increased frequency of dialysis ?

The answer is NO you don’t have to live like this. The good news is that the alternative therapies and few new evolving technologies are now able to control your deteriorated kidney conditions and can substantially defer the need of transplant.

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Cost of Alternative therapy for Kidney disease

The patients suffering with chronic kidney disease, no longer need to undergo transplant but it can be reversed with Alternative treatment for kidney failure. With the Kidney’s failure in purifying the fluids, the fluids get collected in the body and begin affecting entire body functionality and leads to swelling in legs and in the due time entire body swells up.

The cost of alternative therapy in India starts from 80,000 to 1,00,000 Rs. for one cycle and depends on the number of cycles, patient’s condition, treating doctor and the protocol followed. The number of days for kidney failure treatment varies between 10-15 days. In certain cases, depending on the suggested treatment, the treatment can continue upto 15 to 30 days.

The cost of alternative therapy to reverse kidney failure in India is relatively low, but the hospital’s medical facilities are of the highest quality, meeting international medical standards and using cutting-edge technology.

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Why MedicoExperts for Kidney Failure treatment?

What Improvements are seen after Kidney Failure Stem Cell Transplant in India? In India, it is seen that most patients having kidney disease treatment by stem cells transplant typically observe improvements in the following expanses:

  • Creatinine levels are settling down.
  • Filtration of higher quality.
  • Minerals and salts are balanced.
  • Increase in the length of the cell death cycle.
  • The progression of the disease slows down.

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On scheduled time, the video call will be organized between the patient and doctor. Family members can also join the call.

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Treatment cost

Speciality Total Cycles Total Cost (INR) Hospital Stay
Alternative therapies with Rehabilitation 1 to 4 80,000 to 1,00,000 10 to 15 Days

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MedicoExperts is a Global virtual hospital which is established to offer quality healthcare services at affordable pricing without compromising the success rates of the treatment.
MedicoExperts is having a network of highly experienced super specialist doctors and well equipped hospitals across the globe and offering second opinion through online video consultation and surgical interventions through its empanelled super specialist doctors at its network hospitals in 17 countries from 3 continents.
By the virtue of its approach and model, MedicoExperts is successfully achieve to deliver

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

With dialysis life expectation is not more than 7 to 8 years. With Kidney transplant life expectation is 12 to 15 Years.

The first thing is medical management, secondly dialysis and then kidney transplant. Stemcell Therapy is the advanced option for kidney failure.

Symptoms vary and can be general or absent altogether but some of the symptoms are Decreased urine output, although occasionally urine output remains normal, fluid retention, causing swelling in your legs, ankles or feet.

We do not provide kidney for kidney transplant.

When your kidneys fail, it means they have stopped working well enough for you to survive without treatment. But, many people live long lives after alternative therapy.

You need dialysis when you develop end stage kidney failure usually by the time you lose about 85 to 90 percent of your kidney function and have a GFR of <15

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