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Breast cancer case studies

Breast cancer case studies

Oana, a 32-year-old female from Lagos, Nigeria.  She is a fun-loving woman who loves to party with friends. She is unmarried and lives with her father and mother.

She works as a business development manager in an MNC in Lagos. She has a very cheerful and friendly personality. She is very punctual, and all her clients are very amazed by her personality.

Two years ago, She felt a lump on her right breast, This was the first time she suspected something was wrong. She was concerned about it and curious to know what was wrong with her breast.

Oana visited a gynecologist nearby and the gynecologist suggested an ultrasound, but the test findings were normal. She came back as nothing was detected, but the lump was still there, and she could feel it.

After 3 months, Oana still felt the lump, but this time she observed that her areola had a dark spot and her nipple had crustiness and discharge.

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This time she decided to visit another gynecologist. Oana requested for a thorough evaluation. The doctor suggested her to do a mammogram, Ultrasound, and MRI. The next day report came and the doctor got suspicious of cancer and suggested the biopsy.

The results revealed she had HER2-positive breast cancer.  Oana was terrified and almost lost, but her family helped Oana come out of shock.

Oana’s father started finding the possible treatment options. One of the oncologists suggested chemotherapy and mastectomy.

Oana got scared when the doctor told her that her right breast need to be removed.

Oana creates an image in her mind of how bad she might look after her breast is removed. How people will think about her and she might also not join the office back.

Oana and her family started to search for the best treatment for breast cancer. Oana’s boss came to know about her condition and he advised Oana that she should go to India for the treatment.

Oana got in touch with MedicoExperts while searching for the best breast cancer treatment in India. She inquired about treatment on the MedicoExperts website and the MedicoExperts patient care department got in touch with her and she sent all her reports.

MedicoExperts arranged an online video consultation for her with a Breast cancer surgeon, she cleared all her doubts regarding the treatment and she doesn’t want to remove her breast.

The doctor explained breast conservation surgery, mastectomy, and breast reconstruction surgery to her. The doctor also mentioned that the final decision will depend on a few more investigations. However, whatever would be the final decision, she will have the option for breast reconstruction.

She got convinced after talking with the doctor and decided to come to India for the treatment.

Oana came to India for the treatment and the hospital evaluation is performed to check the current status of the cancer. Based on the reports the doctor suggested for the mastectomy ( Breast removal) of the right breast.

The breast surgeon did the mastectomy and her multiple cancer tumors was removed along with the breast.

breast cancer treatment

After the mastectomy, a few sessions of chemotherapy was given. Chemotherapy was also followed by radiation therapy. She eventually got rid of her cancer but it was very difficult for her to see herself in the mirror with one breast.

Oana decided to go for breast reconstruction surgery as she didn’t find herself complete. Her breast reconstruction surgery was also conducted in three stages.

After the reconstruction, she was very happy and finally had a feeling of victory over cancer.

Oana shared her experience.

Everyone was very supportive and caring through my surgery, and treatment afterward. After the surgery, I received chemotherapy and radiation. I was also suggested on what to eat and how to manage my side-effects of treatment. I must say, they really know how to handle sensitive cases as well and also ensure there is a lot of positivity and care. I am glad we chose to travel to India and chose MedicoExperts to be our guide in our journey.

You can also win your battle against breast cancer and live a life as if nothing happened.

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