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10 Benefits of Stem cell therapy for chronic kidney disease over kidney transplant

10 Benefits of Stem cell therapy for chronic kidney disease over kidney transplant

Are you looking for an alternative to kidney transplant?

The ever-increasing numbers of people with kidney ailments has left the healthcare fraternity astounded. But something that raises everyone’s eyebrow is the increasing number of young people getting affected with kidney ailments. 

Doctors suggest regular dialysis for people with chronic kidney disorder but dialysis is not a cure. While dialysis helps purify blood, people with chronic kidney disorder need a solution. 

The traditional solution to chronic kidney disease is kidney transplant. However, kidney transplant is not a viable solution for many. One can face a few hiccoughs while looking for a kidney donor.

What problems do one face while looking for a kidney transplant?

looking for a kidney transplant

While kidney transplant is traditionally considered as the gold standard treatment for treating acute and chronic kidney disease, finding a donor can be challenging. Also, if you find a donor you must ensure to fulfill the donor guidelines as advised by the Government of India.

While finding, and convincing a suitable donor is a tedious job, fulfilling the government guidelines can be a bigger challenge.

Government data suggest a significant rise in the number of people waiting for an organ transplant, but organ supply remains inadequate. There is a long waiting-list of people looking for kidney transplants.

The increasing number of people waiting for an organ transplant, made the doctors think of alternative solutions to curb this imbalance. After studying and researching for years researchers claim the efficacy of stem cell treatment in reversing kidney ailments.

Let us understand how stem cell treatment is better than a traditional kidney transplants.

Why should you opt for stem cell treatment rather than kidney transplant?

Why should you opt for stem cell treatment rather than kidney transplant

The regenerative effect of the stem cell-based therapy helps in improving the kidney function and its appearance.

The promising results of the stem cell treatment for chronic kidney disease has emerged as an alternative to traditional kidney transplant. But why should you opt for stem cell treatment?

Well! The benefits of stem cell treatment over kidney transplant are:

10 Benefits of Stem cell therapy for CKD over kidney transplant

Stem cell treatmentKidney transplant
1Minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure.The surgical process involves incisions to carry out the transplant.
2Minimal risk of complicationsThere is a risk of post-procedure complications.
3You do not need to look for a compatible donor.You need to find a compatible donor for organ transplant.
4No risk of rejectionYour body might reject the newly transplanted kidney.
5You do not need to take immunosuppressant drugs.You have to take immunosuppressant drugs everyday to avoid rejection of the newly transplanted organ.
6You do not need to wait for stem cell treatment.You need to wait until you get a suitable donor.
7No risk of cross-infection.You are at risk of contracting infection from the donor.
8Stem cell treatment initiates natural healing.A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure where the diseased kidney is replaced by a healthy donor kidney.
9You can save your donor’s kidney.You exhaust your chances of getting a kidney transplant if required later.
10Painless, simple procedure with no blood loss.Painful, complicated procedure with significant blood loss.

Apart from the listed difference stem cell treatment helps you in avoiding those physically and mentally draining dialysis. 

Stem cell treatment has helped many people with end-stage kidney ailments but were unable to find a compatible donor.

Why should you consider stem cell treatment despite finding a kidney donor?

 Why should you consider stem cell treatment despite finding a kidney donor

Human body comprises a pair of kidneys. While, one can survive on a single kidney but living on one kidney is always accompanied by the fear of what will happen when the kidney stops functioning.  

Kidney transplant can sometimes have severe consequences for the donor too because the donor is surviving on one kidney. Seeing your loved one who donated a kidney for your well-being struggling can be heart-wrenching sometimes. 

With stem cell treatment you can heal your damaged kidney cell while ensuring the health and well-being of your loved ones.  

By opting for stem cell treatment you are not just ensuring to heal your kidney but you are ensuring good health of your potential kidney donor. 


Stem cell treatment for kidney treatment has now started to gain popularity as an alternative to kidney transplant. With stem cell transplant you avoid undergoing the draining dialysis process and also from searching for a compatible donor. 

The innovative stem cell treatment gives you the ease to heal your kidneys without exhausting your potential donor. 

Heal your kidneys naturally, non-surgically, without pain, and risk of infection or rejection with the advanced stem cell treatment.

If you want to know more please visit stem cell treatment for chronic kidney disease.

If you have any specific questions about the stem cell treatment, you can contact us.

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