Liver damage and liver transplant in India

The liver is undoubtedly one of the most important organs of the human body. Located in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen, the liver is responsible for multiple functions including metabolic and synthetic functions. Therefore, it is essential to note all the signs of liver damage carefully to identify any occurrence immediately.

People have to be aware of the different signs of liver disease that may arise at any time. If you are able to identify the disease early then it is easier to control the disease.

Why is Liver Important?

The importance of the liver is due to its following functions.

  • Production of bile, which helps in breaking down and absorption of fat in the small intestine
  • Synthesizing proteins such as albumin and factors for blood clotting
  • Metabolism and storage of carbohydrates for use as glucose in the blood
  • Regulation of blood clotting
  • Elimination of bilirubin through metabolism or secretion
  • Conversion of ammonia to urea in protein metabolism
  • Fighting infections through the development of immune factors and removal of bacteria from the bloodstream
  • Elimination of biochemical wastes, detoxification of alcohol, environmental toxins, and certain drugs

What are the Causes of Liver Damage?

What causes liver damage?Generally, liver disease is defined as any disturbance in the functioning of the liver that leads to illness. However, certain liver diseases are chronic in nature and build up over time, leading to liver failure in the advanced stages of the disease.

There are two types of liver injury one is – acute liver disease and the other is chronic liver disease.

In case of acute liver disease like in – Hepatitis A or E patient may feel unwell with malaise, fever and abdominal pain. Later patient may develop jaundice.

In chronic liver disease the damage is slow but progressive and there may not be any problem during early days. In the later stage patient will notice – weight loss, oedema feet, jaundice etc.

Warning Signs of Liver Damage

1. Itchy Skin

One of the common signs of liver disease is itchy skin. If you have itchy skin, then it could be a sign of obstructive jaundice. It can be caused by several pathology – stones in bile duct, cancer of bile duct or of head of pancreas, primary biliary cirrhosis.

2. Spider Angiomas

If you can see small capillaries, shaped like spiders, under the skin on your face and legs, then you have to check for liver disease. This condition occurs due to higher levels of oestrogen, thereby implying the improper functioning of the liver in the metabolism of your hormones.

3. Frequent Bruising and Bleeding

Easily bleeding or bruising after injuries is a clear sign of an unhealthy liver. This may occur due to the lack of specific proteins needed for clotting blood, thereby suggesting some issues with the liver.

4. Swelling of feet

In chronic liver disease you may accumulate fluid in your legs.

5. Swelling in the abdomen also called ascites

In chronic liver disease fluid may accumulate in the abdomen causing abdominal distension.

6. Vomiting of blood

In cirrhosis if liver patient may develop blood vomiting which needs emergency care.

7. Sleep disturbance

Due to accumulation of toxins in the blood sleep cycle may get disturbed and some patients may go into coma.

Liver Transplant – Final Treatment Solution for Chronic Liver Damage and in Selected Cases of Acute Liver Failure.

Being aware of the warning signs of liver damage can ensure timely treatment and best outcomes. Liver transplant is the only option of cure in cases of decompensated cirrhosis and in some cases of acute liver failure.

Liver transplant in India is not just safe, it is also comparatively affordable and comes without compromise in treatment quality and care.

Exceptional quality care and holistic treatment approach enable the medical facilities in India to achieve a 90% success rate in liver transplant procedures. The experience and professional expertise of liver transplant surgeons in India, along with the dedicated medical support and infrastructure, provide a new lease of life to patients suffering from liver disease.

The cost of liver transplant in India is also another promising factor to consider India as a promising place for treating liver diseases. The cost of liver transplant in India is much cheaper compared to western countries. As compared to other countries, patients can get highly sophisticated medical support for the treatment of liver failure in India at cost-effective prices.

Don’t delay it anymore. Get on the road to a pain-free and healthier life with liver transplant in India. For more details about liver transplant in India, contact us at enquiry@medicoexperts.com or call/IMO/WhatsApp/Viber on +91- 9769516280.

Reviewed by Dr. Rakesh Rai. MS, FRCS, MD, CCT, ASTS Fellow (USA).

Senior Consultant HPB & transplant Surgeon.

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