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Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari

Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari

MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Neuro Surgery
  • Skills :
    Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery


  • Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari excels in intricate neurosurgical procedures, with a focus on brain and spinal surgeries.
  • Renowned for his patient-centric approach, he emphasizes compassionate care and personalized treatment plans.
  • Dr. Chaudhari’s expertise spans diverse neurological conditions, from tumors to spinal disorders, ensuring comprehensive care.
  • With a commitment to innovation, he stays at the forefront of advancements in neurosurgery, delivering optimal outcomes for patients.
profile summary

Profile Summary

Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari is a distinguished neurosurgeon known for his expertise in complex brain and spinal surgeries. With a career marked by a commitment to patient-centric care and innovative treatments, he has earned recognition for his compassionate approach and exceptional surgical skills.

Dr. Chaudhari’s comprehensive understanding of neurological conditions enables him to provide personalized and effective treatment plans, ensuring optimal outcomes for his patients. He remains dedicated to advancing the field of neurosurgery through ongoing research and embracing cutting-edge technologies, solidifying his reputation as a trusted leader in the field.

doctor experience

Experience of Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari

  • Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari has around 46 years of experience in the field of Neurosurgery.
trainng and certification

Training and Certifications

  • MBBS
  • MS – General Surgery
  • MCH – Neurosurgery

Expertise in Disease/ Treatment

  • Dr. Mahesh Chaudhari specializes in complex brain and spinal surgeries, addressing conditions such as tumors, spinal disorders, and degenerative diseases.
  • He offers personalized treatment plans and compassionate care, emphasizing optimal outcomes for patients with neurological conditions.
  • With a focus on innovation, Dr. Chaudhari stays updated on the latest advancements, including minimally invasive techniques and neuroimaging technologies.
  • His expertise extends to ne