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Dr. Hitendra Mehta

Dr. Hitendra Mehta

MS (Ophthal) | ICO (UK)
  • Skills :
    Uveitis, Neuro Ophthalmology, Vitreo-Retinal


  • Dr. Hitendra Mehta is a highly esteemed ophthalmologist renowned for his expertise in the field of eye care.
  • With a distinguished career, Dr. Mehta has demonstrated a commitment to providing top-notch medical care, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of various eye conditions.
  • Known for staying at the forefront of technological advancements in ophthalmology, Dr. Mehta ensures that his patients benefit from the latest and most effective treatment options.
  • He is a strong advocate for preventive eye health, emphasizing the importance of regular eye check-ups to detect and address potential issues before they become more serious.
  • Dr. Hitendra Mehta is recognized for his compassionate and patient-centered approach, creating a supportive atmosphere for individuals seeking eye-related care.
  • His skill set encompasses a wide range of ophthalmic interventions, including both surgical and non-surgical methods, allowing him to provide comprehensive and tailored treatment plans.
profile summary

Profile Summary

Dr. Mehta actively contributes to the field through research, publications, and participation in conferences, contributing to the ongoing advancements in ophthalmology.

Patients appreciate his clear communication style and the time he dedicates to educating them about their eye conditions, fostering a strong sense of trust and understanding.

Committed to community well-being, Dr. Hitendra Mehta engages in outreach programs, promoting eye health awareness and education to underserved populations.

Dr. Mehta’s colleagues and peers recognize him as a respected leader in the ophthalmic community, and his dedication to enhancing vision and eye health has positively impacted numerous lives.

doctor experience

Experience of Dr. Hitendra Mehta

he has 22 experience in this field.

trainng and certification

Training and Certifications

  • MS (Ophthal)
  • ICO (UK)

Expertise is Disease/ Treatment



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  • Hindi