Breast Reduction image
Breast Reduction Image

Get relief from back pain and discomfort caused by over-sized breast with breast reduction surgery in India. If you have large breast size, breast reduction surgery will help you get a breast size that you desire, to improve your self-confidence and to reduce your discomfort.

We at MedicoExperts understand the discomfort women face when their mammary glands become over-sized leading to pain and embarrassment. With the highly renowned, board-certified cosmetic surgeons in India and the top hospitals with cutting-edge technology, we offer affordable and best breast reduction surgery in India without compromising in quality. After undergoing breast reduction surgery in India, women can gain freedom from discomfort and pain caused by large breast, and also gain renewed confidence. We also offer certain time-bound economical packaged and schemes for our patients.

Benefits of Breast Reduction in India

For women, over-sized breast can be a highly distressing and causing pain in the neck and back areas. Breast reduction surgery is often performed in women with large, heavy breasts who have severe discomfort due to the weight of the breasts, including neck pain, back pain, or numbness or weakness.

With the advancement in surgical science, cosmetic surgeons are now capable pf offering specialized surgeries with minimal scars and better recovery. The best hospitals in India have technology and infrastructure that are at par with international standards of treatment. The cost of breast reduction in India is also comparatively much lesser than any other country in the world.

Some of the key benefits of breast reduction in India are as follows:

Affordable breast reduction surgery in India starting at USD 2500

Holistic and patient-centric care by team of best cosmetic surgeons, specialist and experts

Well-equipped and best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India

Special packages and timely schemes for MedicoExperts patients only

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in India

India does not just offer the expertise of the best cosmetic surgeons; it also offers affordability. The cost of getting a breast reduction surgery in India is way less and cost-effective than it would cost to get the procedure done in the US, UK or Thailand. A multi-disciplinary approach assures no after-surgery hurdles.

In order to ensure no post-surgery complication and smooth recovery, a general comprehensive evaluation is done to gauge the overall health of the patient. The cost of evaluation starts from USD 500-800. The cost of Breast Reduction Surgery in India may start from around 2500 – 3000 USD. This cost differs based on the choice of the surgeon, the surgical procedure and the chosen hospital.

Best Breast Reduction Surgery in India

Breast reduction is also known as reduction mammoplasty also aids to lessen the dark skin surrounding the areola (nipple). The breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce the size of breast by removing excess glandular tissues, fat, and skin and relocating the nipple, which provides the young and perky look to the breast.

The procedure is done under general anaesthesia for trouble-free and comfortable surgery. The extra tissues around the breast are removed and redesigned. The areola is reduced if necessary and repositioned keeping the blood and nerve supply normal. This furnishes the look of the breast. The incision closures are done with the suitable sutures later.

Usually, the nipple-areola complex remains attached to the nerves and blood vessels. In some cases of heavy and large breasts, the nipple-areola complex is completely detached and placed to the new higher position.

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Surgical Techniques for Breast Reduction Procedure:

• Anchor Pattern Incision

This is the standard technique of breast reduction where the maximum reduction is possible. However, the disadvantage of this procedure is, this is a very invasive technique. The incision is given horizontally under the breast crease, then ongoing vertically to the nipples and continues around the nipple giving the incision an anchor pattern.

• Vertical Incision

This kind of technique is also known as short scar reduction or Lejour breast reduction. The incision continues around the areola and the runs down vertically to the breast crease. This technique of incision shows good outcome since it results in more curvaceous breasts and less scarring.

• Liposuction Breast Reduction

The breasts carry more fat tissues than glandular tissues hence the excess fat is removed from the breasts. The skin improves and restores gradually giving a natural appearance to the breasts. Moreover, the sensations of nipple and ability to breastfeed are not compromised.

Success Rate of Breast Reduction in India

Effective breast reduction surgery can ease pain in the neck and shoulders, and the upper back areas. Through the expertise of the best cosmetic surgeons in India, patients have claimed to have the extremely satisfying results. The success rate of breast reduction in India, across hospitals and surgeons is above 98 per cent.

Best Breast Reduction Cosmetic Surgeons in India

The best breast reduction surgeons in India are board-certified, have exposure to the international quality standards of surgery and have an expertise in dealing with cosmetic and corrective procedures. They are also members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which is renowned association for all cosmetic surgeons. Here is a list of the best breast reduction cosmetic surgeons in India:

Best Hospitals for Breast Reduction in India

The best hospitals for breast reduction in India are fully equipped and have a dedicated team of specialist, experts and medical professionals to cater to every need of the patient and to provide comprehensive care and approach. Here is a list of best hospitals for breast reduction surgery in India:

Why choose MedicoExperts?

With an exhaustive, well researched data collated over the years through our patient experience from 27 countries and over 5 years of excellent patient care, we bring you a comprehensive and patient-centric approach that connects you with the right doctor, appropriate hospital and best infrastructure for your specific requirements. We commit to track your treatment journey to ensure your safety and well-being. Our patient-centric approach has gained us associations with the best hospitals in India, to expand the pool of hospitals for you to choose from. Like a local guardian, MedicoExperts will not shy from helping you even audit your bills or seek a second opinion if need be. We are the marketing partners for most of the top hospitals in India, which gives us the privilege to offer our patients special schemes and packages for their treatment.

With MedicoExperts, your concerns matter most to us, and we are willing to provide you with online video consultation, where you can speak to the doctor and address all your apprehensions and queries.

For a faster and guarded means of communication, you can always get in touch with us by sharing your medical history and diagnostic reports to

Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. Is breast reduction surgery covered under insurance?

Most of the insurance companies cover breast reduction surgery as it is more than a cosmetic procedure. However, the insurance company may need suggestive proof that the over-sized breasts were causing medical issues.

A popular misconception is that only women with very over-sized breasts are good candidates for a breast reduction. But that is not the case, according to your body structure, if the breasts are causing pain and discomfort, you are the right candidate for the procedure.

Post breast reduction surgery, you will experience and immediate end to your neck and back pain. During the post-op period, you will notice that you are capable of having a more active life without discomfort or embarrassment while working-out.

Very rarely, some loss of breast tissue may occur as a result of inadequate blood flow to the remaining breast tissue. This occurs more frequently in women who smoke. Occasionally, the reduced breasts are slightly uneven in size. In very rare occasion, surgical scars remain dark and raised after complete healing has occurred.

Yes, different techniques for different sizes and shapes of breasts. Breast reduction surgery is considered reconstructive, not simply cosmetic surgery.

It takes about several days to about 2 weeks for you to be able to get back to normal routine. However, it is suggested that you refrain from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting until a month or so.

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