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Kidney transplant in India for CKD patients

Chronic Kidney Diseases

Chronic kidney failure or chronic kidney disease (CKD) refers to the gradual damage to the kidney and associated functions in the human body. The main function of the kidney in the body is to filter out excess fluid from bloodstream and release them through urine. Inadequate kidney function leads to the accumulation of toxic fluids in the body. This may cause an imbalance of electrolytes in our bloodstream and impact ability on hormone secretion. CKD is only noticeable after considerable damage to the kidney. If a patient has a history of high blood pressure or diabetes, he/she may experience kidney-related problems.

General treatments for CKD are based on containing the further damage to the organ and sustain required functionality, but once the disease reaches end-stage failure, it either needs dialysis or transplantation of the kidney. Dialysis does not offer a permanent solution to advanced CKD patients, as its frequency continues to increase with time and finally reaches a stage where a transplant is the only option left to survive.

Kidney Transplantation: A Better Alternative over Repeated Dialysis

In fact, for patients with chronic kidney failure kidney transplantation is the only credible alternative to achieve a better life quality, less hospitalization and improved survival rates compared to other methods like dialysis. The most important thing for a transplantation candidate is timely referral and availability of the donor candidate. Sometimes delay in decision making for kidney transplant leads to a stage that patient recovery becomes very difficult.

Second thing, there is the scarce availability of suitable and legit donors across the geography. So, patients requiring a renal transplant need to plan in advance. With increased success rates of a kidney transplant, the criterion for acceptance of donor candidate is also widening. People with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) can also lead a healthy and longer life. The renal transplant surgeries are considered safe with a significant success rate, which also depends on your overall health and timely decision making for the kidney transplantation. Study data reveals that a transplant from a living donor offers better longevity than a deceased donor.

Renal Transplantation in India

Kidney transplantation in IndiaIn the past few decades, Indian surgeons and hospitals have taken a leap in performing kidney transplant surgeries not only to Indians but global patient groups also. Across the globe, CKD patients are travelling to India for successful transplantation, affordable care and staying facilities. All this arrangement is made through legit donor support, legal proceedings and proper patient counselling prior to the kidney transplantation. A person seeking kidney transplant in India can trust the specialist doctors and procedural transparency by renowned and accredited hospitals.

Renal transplantation helps you to regain your dialysis-free life back. The advanced robotic arm technology has made kidney transplant surgeries minimally invasive. This offers a high level of precision, lesser pain and quick recovery after the procedure. The team of specialist surgeons also takes the utmost care in ensuring the health and recovery of the donor candidate.

Benefits of Renal Transplant in India

Leading hospitals in India are equipped with efficient kidney transplant surgeons and world-class infrastructure. The success rate of kidney transplant in India is more than 90% with significant normal life recovery by the receiver and donor candidates. Compared to other countries like EU nations, Singapore and the US, India offers a range of advantages for a renal transplant such as customized packages and time-bound schemes, second biggest kidney transplant program after the US, along with affordable and advanced healthcare infrastructure.  A renal transplant in India costs between US$ 13000 – 15000, nearly half of the amount spent in other countries.

In addition, top hospitals in India are primarily located in metropolitan cities with air, road and rail connectivity, which in turn makes travel and treatment easier to avail. Besides, Indian hospitals and doctors enjoy a good reputation in the healthcare world and are acknowledged with great respect. Most of the Indian surgeons are well trained at global facilities and are on board with elite panels of doctors.

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