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Vaginoplasty in Nigeria for a renewed self-confidence

After feeling low self-confidence for years after childbirth, Ms. Jennifer Okoh finally felt good about herself with vaginoplasty in Nigeria

How was your experience with MedicoExperts and the Indian Surgeon?

The team is really helpful and patient. They listen and answer all questions and made me also feel sure. They shared previous patient testimonials with me as well, and this helped me gain confidence in them. They also shared the profile of the Indian Specialist who will be operating on me, and I was impressed by his experience and knowledge. I have no regrets in getting my procedure done in Nigeria by Indian specialist through MedicoExperts, this has been truly a dream come true. I have regained my lost confidence.

About patient

My name is Jennifer and I am 38 years old. I had problems with vaginal looseness and loss of feeling during intercourse, but I was also somewhat ashamed about the length and colour of my labia. I wanted to regain my pre-pregnancy confidence but was nervous to seek the right treatment and was also unsure about getting the procedure here.