Rhinoplasty image
Rhinoplasty Image

You can achieve the most perfect and desirable nose through the skilled hands of an expert cosmetic surgeons. With rhinoplasty in India, you can get well-defined nose which will add personality of your face and boost your overall confidence.

We, at MedicoExperts understand how a small but significant change in your face can make a huge difference in your personality. Therefore, to ensure the best and perfect results, we have empanelled with us some of the best board-certified surgeons in India who have years of experience and expertise in delivering successful surgeries. All our hospitals are fully-furbished with the newest and cutting-edge technology to provide our patients with international standard care. We have over a decade of experience in providing healthcare and quality treatment, which has enabled us to provide our patients with specialized packaged and discounted rates.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty in India

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure of reconstruction the shape and size of the nose to give it more aesthetic appeal and to also enhance the functionality of the nose. The size of the nose is reduced or enlarged according to the requirement of the particular patient.

In comparison to other countries, the biggest benefit India offers is the affordability of nose surgery cost in India. With the expertise of the board-certified cosmetic surgeons and the choice of choosing the most appropriate medical facility for the procedure, India offers international quality procedure without digging a hole in the savings.

Some of the key benefits of nose surgery in India are as follows:

Restores the functional and aesthetic appearance of the nose

Affordable nose surgery cost in India starts from USD 1800

A highly dedicated team of best board-certified surgeon and specialists

Well-equipped with international standard infrastructure in best cosmetic surgery hospitals and facilities

Special privileged rates and packages for MedicoExperts patients

Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in India

When compared to other countries, rhinoplasty surgery in India is extremely beneficial as it is a perfect combination of expert procedure, expertise of board-certified cosmetic surgeons, and the choice of choosing medical facility and hospital according to one’s budget.
A physical assessment or pre-surgery investigation is done to determine the overall health of the patient. The cost of the comprehensive evaluation is USD 500-800. The cost of nose surgery in India ranges from 1800 to 2500 USD. This cost varies based on the technique used, the chosen cosmetic surgeons and hospital.

Best Rhinoplasty in India

Rhinoplasty Surgery or popularly known as a nose job is a commonly performed cosmetic surgery that reshaped the size of the nose and also improves the function aspect of it. This procedure also helps improve the symmetry of the face and gives relief from breathing difficulties.

During a nose surgery (rhinoplasty), the surgeon can change the bone structure, cartilage, skin or all three. It can also be done to repair deformities, correct a birth defect, or improve the trouble in breathing. The procedure can be done by following either an open or a closed surgical approach.

There are two different techniques of rhinoplasty surgery:

• Closed Rhinoplasty:

During closed surgery, the surgeon will make incisions to access the cartilage and bones which is giving support to nose. These incisions are made inside the nose so that they are not visible after the surgery. As per patient’s requirement, some cartilage or bone may be removed or some tissues may be added. The tissues may be from another part of the body or they can be synthetic filler. After the complete procedure, once surgeon has reshaped and rearranged the cartilage and bone, the tissue and skin are covered over the structure of the nose. A bandage is positioned outside the nose to give support to new shape of the nose until it heals.

Closed Rhinoplasty Image

• Open Rhinoplasty:

Open rhinoplasty is also known as External Rhinoplasty, in this technique, the surgeon will make small incision on the columella, which is the soft tissue that separated the nostrils. The surgery will be done under general anaesthesia. This technique helps to get easy access to the underlying cartilage and bone structure. Surgeon may also use this technique if the patient’s nose is crooked or to achieve a marked reduction in nasal tip projection (how far the tip sticks out from the face). The scar left behind is barely visible and will usually fade with time.

The procedures are usually done on day care basis but sometimes requires night stay in hospital.

Open Rhinoplasty Image

Success Rate of Rhinoplasty in India

Rhinoplasty not only gives a more aesthetic appearance to the face, but it also significantly boosts one’s self-image and confidence. With freedom from breathing difficulties it also brings about proportion to the facial features. Patients who have undergone rhinoplasty are extremely happy with the outcome and have the highest satisfaction rate.

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in India

The best cosmetic surgeons in India have years of specialized experience that ensure a successful final result that is as per the desire of the patients. The best rhinoplasty surgeons in India are board-certified and are member of well-known societies and associations across the globe. This gives them international exposure in enhancing their surgical techniques. The list of best cosmetic surgeons for rhinoplasty in India are as follows:

Best Hospitals for Rhinoplasty in India

All the best and top hospitals in India are JCI, NABH and ISO accredited. They offer patients with international quality care and treatment. The best hospitals for rhinoplasty in India have dedicated teams of specialists, experts and medical aid to ensure holistic care of the patients. The list of the best hospitals for rhinoplasty in India are:

Why choose MedicoExperts?

With an exhaustive, well researched data collated over the years through our patient experience from 27 countries and over 5 years of excellent patient care, we bring you a comprehensive and patient-centric approach that connects you with the right doctor, appropriate hospital and best infrastructure for your specific requirements. We commit to track your treatment journey to ensure your safety and well-being. Our patient-centric approach has gained us associations with the best hospitals in India, to expand the pool of hospitals for you to choose from. Like a local guardian, MedicoExperts will not shy from helping you even audit your bills or seek a second opinion if need be. We are the marketing partners for most of the top hospitals in India, which gives us the privilege to offer our patients special schemes and packages for their treatment.

With MedicoExperts, your concerns matter most to us, and we are willing to provide you with online video consultation, where you can speak to the doctor and address all your apprehensions and queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns:

1. What are the expected outcomes after rhinoplasty surgery?

After surgery, it will take around 6 months or more to see the expected results. A Rhinoplasty surgery will improve your look. The symmetry, shape and size of nose will be improved. Breathing problems and certain birth defects will be resolved.

There would be bandage on nose for around 7 days after surgery. The bandage will help to reduce the swelling and keep the bones and cartilage on place. The stitches used will be dissolvable. The daily activities can be started in next 10 days after surgery. The rigorous activities will be restricted for around 7-8 weeks.

You may consider rhinoplasty surgery, if:

  • If your age is 14 (for girls) and 16 for boys.
  • If you want to improve the shape, size or look of your nose.
  • If you have realistic expectations from surgery
  • If you are facing any medical issues (breathing related)
  • If you wish to remove your nose hump

Rhinoplasty is a custom surgery. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, the cosmetic surgeons will either increase or decrease the size of your nose to match the symmetry of your face. You can retain your ethnic look or ‘you’ness while still correcting the imperfections.

You will be given anaesthesia to make you more comfortable during the procedure. The surgery itself does not involve pain. After the procedure you may experience some discomfort in the initial stages of healing. Your symptoms can typically be moderated with pain medication which is typically not needed for long.

Yes, rhinoplasty can change the cosmetic appearance of the nose as well as repair functionality. A highly experienced cosmetic surgeons will be able to do both cosmetic and functional nasal surgery which is likely to repair nasal breathing and provide a more attractive nose

Technically speaking, cosmetic rhinoplasty can be performed any time after nasal growth is complete. Nasal growth is usually complete in girls by age 15 and complete in boys by age 16. However, an emotionally mature and cooperative patient is also an essential requirement for a successful rhinoplasty. In rare cases, surgery may be performed at younger ages when severe functional impairment or other medical indications dictate.

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