Non-surgical gastric

balloon in India to

effectively lose weight

  • Cost of gastric ballooning start from 3500 USD
  • No-cut and pain-free weight loss procedure
  • Reversible with physionlogical change to the body
  • 2nd best to the natural weight loss method
  • Success rate of 99.7% amongst hospitals in India

The intragastric balloon is an effective and extremely successful option to those patients who are obese and are looking for a non-surgical approach to lose weight. Intragastric balloon surgery is highly favoured as it is reversible and does not change the natural digestion process of the body. This procedure is also widely preferred by women who are unmarried, who are married but are yet to complete their family, who wish to lose about 20-30% of weight and are looking for a non-surgical method to aid weight loss. Intragastric There is a 99.7% success rate of intragastric balloon surgery amongst MedicoExperts’ patients. With MedicoExperts you can be assured of receiving international quality treatment at the appropriate best hospital with the right surgeon for an extremely affordable price. MedicoExperts also offers its patients certain special packages and discounts. Get in touch with us to know more.

Intragastric balloon

Intragastric balloon surgery is an endoscopic procedure that is highly recommended to obese patients who are unwilling or reluctant to undergo invasive metabolic surgeries. This procedure is also suggested to women who are unmarried, or who are married but have yet not completed their family and are looking to lose weight without undergoing surgery that changes the natural physiology of the body.

In the intragastric ballooning procedure, a balloon is placed in the stomach cavity through the mouth opening, this ensures no cut or sutures on the body. The balloon is then filled with sterile saline and it occupies the stomach cavity resulting in a fuller feeling. This is a no-cut, pain free procedure that guarantees weight loss by means of lesser intake of food. However, there is a requirement to be disciplined and to make necessary lifestyle changes. The inflated balloon can be removed from the stomach 6 -12 months post-surgery after the weight loss goal is achieved. The removal of the balloon is also done endoscopically. The procedure helps reduce the incidences of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, stroke and other obesity-related diseases.

Intragastric balloon procedure is the second-best solution for losing weight. Because it does not change the physiology or the natural digestive process of the body, the surgery has assured success rate and better outcomes.

Benefits of undergoing gastric balloon in India

Undergoing intragastric ballooning surgery in India has several benefits. India, owing to the advancement in science and technology is generating the most skilled surgeon in the world who are well-versed with the latest innovations and have several years of experience. All the leading hospitals in India are equipped with cutting-edge technology and have a versatile team of experts to cater to every need of the patient. Some of the key benefits of undergoing intragastric balloon are as follows:

  • Cost-effective procedure with international patient-care standards
  • Highest success rate of about 99.7% across hospitals
  • Cutting-edge technology and latest innovation in all best hospitals
  • Comprehensive team of best bariatric surgeons and specialists

Gastric baloon cost in India

Intragastric balloon surgery is a great solution for individuals who are looking to lose weight without undergoing metabolic surgery which changes the natural digestive process of the body. You can be assured of weight loss through lesser intake of food and a significant change in lifestyle. The cost for endoscopic intragastric balloon in India starts from 3500 USD. The surgeon will however suggest a to undergo investigation and pre-operative evaluation to understand the overall health of the patient. This will help to determine whether the patient is the right candidate for the surgery. The cost of a comprehensive investigation and evaluation ranges between USD 500-800.

Criteria for undergoing intragastric ballooning

After the careful evaluation of the complete medical history of the patient, the surgeon will decide whether intragastric balloon surgery is recommended or not to the patient. However, the general criteria to undergo gastric balloon surgery are as follows:

  • The patient has completed puberty i.e. The female patient should be above 15 years and the male patient should be above 17 years
  • The BMI of the patient is between 30-40
  • The patient has no previous surgery related to the stomach or the oesophagus

Gastric baloon testimonials

Thanks to the non-surgical and pain-free procedure of intra gastric ballooning, this surgery has shown significant results in a number of cases. Several patients have claimed that they feel fuller much more quickly and have also been able to lose significant weight. MedicoExperts patients have been successful is losing about 20-30% of weight after undergoing intragastric balloon in India. Even after the balloon is removed, because of the lifestyle changes, patients are able to successfully sustain the weight lost. Here are some motivating intragastric balloon testimonials in India:

Intragastric balloon hospitals in India

The best hospitals in India are well-equipped to perform endoscopic gastric ballooning. Intragastric balloon hospitals in India also have a comprehensive team of specialist to provide the patient with complete care to provide a full recovery. The list of best intragastric hospitals in India are as follows:

Intragastric baloonsurgeons in India

All the best surgeons in India are experts in handling endoscopic intragastric balloon surgery with great proficiency. The surgeons have years of surgical experience and international expertise. Here is a list of non-surgical gastric balloon surgeons in India:

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns

1. How much weight loss is to be expected through intragastric balloon procedure?

You can expect to lose about 20-30% of excess weight over a span of 6 to 12 months. This weight can be sustained for a lifetime if the patient has disciplined him/herself to lead a healthy life.

As intragastric balloon procedure is done endoscopically, it is done on a day-care basis. A wait of couple of hours for the sedation to wear off is all that’s needed. However, be sure to not drive immediately after the surgery.

You will feel nauseated for a couple of days after the surgery. However, you can resume work after a week’s rest. Ensure to make the diet changes immediately post-surgery as prescribed by the dietician.

The balloon in your stomach, other than making you feel full even after a few bites of food, does not affect or hinder you in any way.

The initial days post-surgery is not going to be easy. You can expect to feel nauseated and heavy in the stomach. You will be prescribed certain medications and supplements to help you ease into the new lifestyle changes. However, the nauseated feeling is temporary and will subside in a few days after the surgery. In case, the discomfort persists, please see your surgeon at the earliest.

Bursting of the balloon is a very rare occurrence, and happens in rare cases. If the balloon does burst, you will notice discolouration in the urine and the ruptured balloon will naturally pass out of your body through the natural bowel movement of the body. In extremely rare cases, the balloon removal would be done by a surgeon when there is a possibility of damage to the other organs.

Before removing, the balloon will be deflated and through an oral endoscope it will be taken out. However, it is necessary to note that your stomach will resume its previous shape once the balloon is taken out.

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