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MedicoExperts Internship Opportunity

MedicoExperts Internship Opportunity

Great Opportunity to do Internship in MedicoExperts

Job Description

Online Organic Marketing Trainee

Role Definition:

Online Organic Marketer is one who is responsible for generating organic leads by increasing “Website/Online Sells platform traffic” and “Traffic to lead ratio” for the sales team to convert into revenue.

Responsibility Deliverable:

1. Organic leads as per the SEO plan
a. Increased traffic on the website as per plan
b. Improved ranking for the keywords/webpages through link building.
c. Increased rating/performance of all the communication/content/social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Q&A forums, Blogs, and LinkedIn through continuous posting activities, marketing them effectively, and maintain the engagements as per the plan.
d. Improve the Domain Authority as per the plan.
2. Perform “Lead distribution in CRM” under the defined SLA.
3. Write Blog and Content to persuasively attract audiences.

Tasks & Activities

  • Analyze the defined parameter with the targets.
  • Look for scope of improvement or reasons for shortfall.
  • Discuss with manager with suggestion to improve or reduce shortfall.
  • Execute the changes after the approvals.
    • Blogging
      • Review the available blog as per the guidelines.
      • Post the Blog on blogging platform as per the guideline.
      • Google indexing of blog URL in google search console
      • Social sharing of the blog
        1. Email & WhatsApp to existing database
        2. Posting in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Etc. new blog post as per the guidelines.
      • Update news feed section of Website
      • Analyze the results as per defined guidelines and identify the achievements and learnings.
    • Email campaigns
      • Database sourcing either from inhouse available databases or outside vendor
      • Sorting the data for the emailer by Specialty and country wise
      • Draft the Email message and get it reviewed from manager.
      • After approval, Executing email campaign.
      • Analysis of campaign and share report to relevant parties.
    • Link Building activity
      • Press release
        1. Review the content for targeted keyword prospective
        2. Press release site identifications
        3. Coordination and releasing of content as per plan
      • Articles submission
        1. Review the content for targeted keyword prospective
        2. Article si