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Facelift Surgery in India

“Demand for facelift surgery is on the rise globally, as awareness and concerns about looks grow. But cost of the procedure is also very high making it less affordable to many. Patients looking for a facial rejuvenation can seek standard facelift procedures at reasonable price in India.”

Does looking in the mirror worries you when ageing begins to reflect on your face? Do you think your looks are not making you feel the same you do from inside? Are you thinking to opt for a cosmetic surgery to get a face or neck lift procedure? Well there is no reason to worry about your looks, as advanced cosmetic procedures are giving perfect makeover to individuals who want a younger look and face for them.

What is a facelift procedure? 

Rhytidectomy or facelift refers to a medical treatment to eradicate wrinkles from your face through various types of facial surgeries. The procedure consists of removal of any loose skin in and around different parts of the face such as jaw line, mouth, cheeks and eyes.

Basic purpose of rhytidectomy or facelift surgery is to enhance youthfulness of patient’s face or parts of the face. The procedure involves restoration of skin’s flexibility and firmness in old age, which may cause visible changes in facial anatomy comprising the orbicularis oculi muscle, the platysma muscle and cheek fat. Depending upon the changes in face structure surgeons suggest a suitable procedures that vary from invasiveness of the surgery and type of incisions to achieve desired outcomes.

Various Types of Facelift Procedures

  • Thread Lift: One of the least invasive surgeries used for facial rejuvenation for limited enhancements in looks. The procedure is used to sagging or dropping of skin around the eyes forehead or nasolabidal fold. Normally, surgeons give local anesthesia to perform this procedure and the threads may remain in the applicable area for years.
  • SMAS Lift: Known as Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System (SMAS) Lift, this procedure used to realign the suspensory ligaments to encase and contain the cheek fat.
  • Skin-Only Lift: This procedure is only performed on the skin without targeting any ligament, tissue, facial structure or muscle. Mostly, suitable for individuals facing issues with facial skin only, and the outcomes of this procedure may last from six months to a year.
  • Deep-Plane Facelift: This is especially used to uplift or realign nasolabial folds. This technique is an advancement of SMAS Lift; however the procedure is different from SMAS. The surgery involves a deep-plane facelift, normally used to free the muscles and contain the fat from the facial bone. An experienced surgeon can only perform this procedure.
  • MACS Lift: Also called as Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Lift, this procedure is performed to rectify facial sagging by suspending or elevating tissue through small incisions. Normally, this surgery is used as an optional procedure to a conventional facelift, as it involves very tiny incisions.
  • Mid-Facelift: As the name suggest, this procedure is used to life middle area of the face that got flattened with ageing. The surgery involves separation of loose skin attached to deeper tissues of the face. This procedure is suitable for individual who have not received jowl and neck sagging treatments in the past.
  • Superiosteal Lift: A procedure that comprises vertical lifting of facial tissues and removing it from under the face bones.
  • Composite Facelift: This procedure involves mobilization and repositioning of deeper tissues attached to orbicularis oculi muscle.
  • Traditional Lift: This type of facelift surgery involves a tiny incision on ear that extends up to hairline by making a curve from bottom side and ending at the nape.

Benefits of a Facelift Procedure

A facelift surgery can offer you following benefits:

  • Reduced sagging around the neck.
  • Reduction in deep creases around eyes
  • Decreased definition to the jaw line
  • Enhanced middle face sagging
  • Less creases and fold on facial skin

A facelift surgery can be combined with various complementary procedures including Necklift, Browlift, Facial Fat Grafting and Blepharoplasty. These combos may further enhance your looks around other areas near the face like forehead, neck and eyelids.

Facelift Procedures in India

India has quality hospital infrastructure and world-renowned cosmetic surgeons to perform any of these facelift procedures.  Besides quality medical care, India offers low cost procedure that are at par with its counter parts across the globe. Patients can rely on the expertise of Indian surgeons and opt for any procedure of their choice to enhance their looks. Reliable healthcare channels provides best-in-class facilities and professional services right from patients’ counseling sessions to surgery to post-surgical care in order to achieve favorable  outcomes for outstation patients. High success rate in facelift surgeries are also a reason for global patients to choose India as their favorite medical tourism destination.

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