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Bone Marrow Transplant in India

  • ISO, JCI, NABH accredited hospitals
  • World-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Renowned top surgeons
  • Provision to undertake any type of transplant
  • Cost-effective with a high success rate
  • Personalized attention and seamless travel
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Enriching lives with advanced

Bone Marrow Transplant in India

  • ISO, JCI, NABH accredited hospitals
  • World-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Renowned top surgeons
  • Provision to undertake any type of transplant
  • Cost-effective with a high success rate
  • Personalized attention and seamless travel

When you are at the most vulnerable stage in your life, it is always a dilemma to choose health and well-being over other factors. With the cost of bone marrow transplantation being so high, one needs to make a conscious decision of choosing the best healthcare provider who will present comprehensive treatment to give you a new lease for life.

Advantages of Bone Marrow Transplantation in India

1. Cost-effectiveness and trustworthiness make India a great choice for a bone marrow transplant procedure.

2. A staggering 60-90% success rate amongst the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India.

3. A stay in the hospital for 30 days and 90 days stay in the country, is required.

4. Time-bound, special schemes with some associated hospitals for MedicoExperts patients

The cost of bone marrow transplant in India according to the type of transplant is as follows:

Evaluation Cost Treatment Cost
Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant USD 1300 - 1800 USD 15000 - 24500
Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant USD 1300 - 1800 USD 25000 - 37500
Haplo Bone Marrow Transplant USD 1300 - 1800 USD 36000 - 50000
Unrelated Bone Marrow Transplant USD 1300 - 1800 USD 65000 - 90000

Depending on the condition of the patient, the concerned doctor may suggest to undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The cost for the same will have to be additionally added to the above-listed cost, based on the type of transplant one has to opt for.

1. The cost of one cycle of chemotherapy is anywhere between USD 500 to USD 1000 (INR 35643 to INR 71286)

2. The cost for radiation therapy is approximately USD 3500- USD 5500 (INR 249503 to INR 392075)

3. The mentioned cost is exclusive of any post-operative complications, over-stay charges, inter-disciplinary conditions, or use of any special drugs, consumables or blood components.

When planning your bone marrow transplant in India, we recommend you to be prepared and aware of every minuscule aspect, so as to avoid any surprises. We, at MedicoExperts, are open and ready to answer any query you may have.

India - an advanced cost-effective option for BMT treatment

With the ever-advancing field of medicine and research technology, the pool of doctors and surgeons in India are erudite and with years of expertise in treating life-threatening diseases. The infrastructure and technology of the top hospitals in India are at par with the facilities available in the western counterparts.

At one-third of the cost with the best surgeons in India, one can be assured of quality treatment and holistic care. Efforts have been also taken to reduce the cost for bone marrow transplant by focusing on newer strategies and advanced technologies to bring about effective healthcare.

Reasons to choose India over other countries:

    1. Economy and standard of living: The cost for bone marrow treatment in India is much more affordable as opposed to undergoing treatment in the US, Thailand or any European country. Even the stay, consultation, facilities and everything else will also cost much lower when compared to the western counterparts.

    2. Options: India has a wide range of hospitals to choose from; that offer care and treatment according to one’s budget. With the advancement in the field of medicine, the hospitals also try their best to bring down the cost to make treatment cost-effective and available to all strata of society. There is also the promising possibility of choosing doctors whose expertise and experience will help you heal better. The cost differs greatly based on the chosen surgeon.

Countries Average Cost(USD) Average Cost(INR)
India $15,000 - $90,000 ₹10,69,095 – ₹64,14,569
USA $350,000 - $800,000 ₹2,47,36,250- ₹5,65,40,000
United Kingdom $233,310 - $583,275 ₹1,64,89,184- ₹4,12,22,960
Germany $100,000 - $250,000 ₹70,67,500 - ₹1,76,68,750
United Kingdom $49,999 - $100,000 ₹35,33,679 - ₹70,67,500

Types of Bone Marrow Transplant

The cost of the transplant depends upon the type of transplant one has to undergo. Below we have explained the types of BMT treatment approaches:

1. Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant:

In this type of BMT, the patient’s own body’s healthy blood forming stem cells are collected and processed to replace with the unhealthy and diseased blood cells.

2. Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant:

In this type of BMT, the healthy blood forming cells are taken from a donor who could be a sibling, parents or someone unrelated.

Depending on the relation of the donor and matching of tissue, Allogenic BMT is further classified into 3 types. They are;

a) Complete Matched Sibling Donor BMT: In this, the donor is most likely to be a brother or sister of the patient. These are often a complete match to patient’s tissue.

b) Haplo-identical BMT: It is a type of Allogenic BMT in which parents are usually a donor to the patient since they are a half match for their children. In cases, where a complete match is not found and the patients do not have any sibling, the expert surgeon considers parents to be a donor and perform Haplo-identical BMT.

c) Unrelated Donor BMT: In cases, where there is no sibling and parents are also not a match for the patient, then Un-related Donor BMT is the solution, in which donor who is unrelated to you is made available for the transplant from the Donor Match Registry.

Reasons to undergo Bone Marrow Transplantation Surgery

Bone marrow transplant is a decisive option when there is a prolonged complaint. The diseased bone marrow can be replaced by BMT treatment for the enlisted concerns when one is suffering from:

  • Cancer such as Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma.
  • Inherited Blood Cell Diseases such as Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anaemia
  • Conditions in which the bone marrow stops producing new blood cells such as Aplastic Anaemia
  • Replacing the damaged bone marrow due to high doses of chemotherapy or radiation to treat certain malignancies
  • Congenital Neutropenia which results in recurrent infections

Procedure for BMT in India

Success rate of Bone Marrow Transplant in India

The success rate of bone transplant in India differs from hospital to hospital with a collective average ranging from 60-90%. This is a result of extremely qualified and highly skilled surgeons and highly equipped, hospitals with strict patient care, cleanliness and infection control policies. The percentage of relapse noticed in cases of autologous transplant patients is comparatively low.

Best doctor for Bone Marrow Transplant in India

We are associated with a wide pool of doctors who are renowned in the field of bone marrow transplantation with years of expertise. This gives you the option to choose one according to your budget.

Best Hospitals For Bone Marrow Transplant in India

Get treated at state-of-the-art Multi-speciality hospitals in India which are JCI, NABH accredited and have advanced technologies with best-on-ground staff for a comprehensive care.

Why MedicoExperts?

With an exhaustive, well researched data collated over the years through our patient experience from 27 countries and over 5 years of excellent patient care, we bring you a comprehensive and patient-centric approach that connects you with the right doctor, appropriate hospital and best infrastructure for your specific requirements. We commit to track your treatment journey to ensure your safety and well-being.

Our patient-centric approach has gained us associations with the best hospitals in India, to expand the pool of hospitals for you to choose from. Like a local guardian, MedicoExperts will not shy from helping you even audit your bills or seek a second opinion if need be. We are the marketing

partners for most of the top hospitals in India, which gives us the privilege to offer our patients special schemes and packages for their treatment.

With MedicoExperts, your concerns matter most to us, and we are willing to provide you with online video consultation, where you can speak to the doctor and address all your apprehensions and queries.

For a faster and guarded means of communication, you can always get in touch with us by sharing your medical history and diagnostic reports to enquiry@medicoexperts.com

Frequently Asked Questions and Patient concerns:

1. What is a bone marrow transplant?

A bone marrow transplant is a treatment that replaces an unhealthy marrow with a healthy one.

It is indicated when the bone marrow in the human body is not healthy enough to carry out its normal functions due to any disorder or cancer of blood cells.

The consulting surgeon will review your reports and decide on the best suited option for your treatment.

We at MedicoExperts, ensure that you get nothing but the best diagnosis and treatment for your ailment. Be assured to get best treatment advice from the chosen best surgeons in India.

In a stem cell transplant, the stem cells are collected from the patients’ own blood and used; while in the case of a bone marrow transplant, the bone marrow is extracted from the donor and injected to the patient who has undergone high-dose therapy.

Besides the higher risk of infection due to a stressed immune system, the commonly noticed side effects are but not limited to,

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Low levels of platelets, which can decrease how well blood can clot
  • Low levels of red blood cells, which can cause anemia
  • Diarrhea

Recovery after Bone Marrow Transplant is long and tiresome, both physically and emotionally for the patient and family. Initial 3 months are critical enough for the recovery of the patients.

They need complete monitoring during this span since there are high chances of complications and risk of rejection of the transplant. The patient may complain of fatigue, weakness and is unable to concentrate for the first few weeks post-surgery, however full recuperation may take up to 1-2 years.

An estimated stay of around 2-3 months is required in India for the Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery and complete recovery, post which the patient can fly back to his/her country.

After a complex and prolonged BMT treatment in India, it is justified to be anxious and return to a daily routine to seek normalcy.

However, once you are done with the transplant, you should be diverting all your energy in regaining your strength and stamina. Staying positive will help you heal better. It will also be advisable to avoid crowded public places, as you will be prone to infection due to lowered immunity functions. Generally, it takes about 3-6 months for a patient to feel better and stable, however, this also depends on certain environmental factors like cleanliness, etc.

BMT procedure is a treatment associated with a number of risks and complexities. It is, therefore, crucial to know if the treatment is suitable for you. BMT procedure is recommended in cases when;

  • All other treatment options undergone by the patients have failed
  • There is a higher risk of relapse or the disease to return without a transplant.
  • The benefits of Bone Marrow Transplant prevail over the risks and complications associated with the surgery
  • The patient who is in otherwise good condition and has matched stem cell available from either a sibling or parents and family member.
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