Laparoscopic mini gastric

bypass surgery in

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  • Highest success rate of 99.8% across hospitals in India
  • Lowest cost of surgery starting from 5800 USD
  • Innovative, safe robotic and laparoscopic surgeries
  • Association with ISO, NABH, JCI accredited best hospitals
  • Comprehensive team of expert bariatric surgeons and specialist

Metabolic surgery or weight loss surgery is the surgical intervention that aids individuals who are obese and are struggling to lose weight while dealing with co-morbidities like diabetes and hypertension. Mini-gastric bypass is one such metabolic procedure that is safe and highly successful. Laparoscopic mini gastric bypass surgery is safer and less complex than the traditional gastric bypass surgery. Choosing mini gastric bypass surgery in India provides the patient not just the excellent expertise of the surgeon and cutting-edge infrastructure, but also the best in technology and surgical advancement.>

Mini gastric bypass - treatment for obesity

Single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass (SABG) or mini gastric bypass (MGB) is simple, safe and reversible metabolic surgery that combines the benefits of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery to provide maximum benefit and successful outcome. Compared to other conventional bariatric surgeries, mini gastric bypass surgery has faster recovery and shorter hospital stay. MGB is also chosen as a revision surgery for patients who have had gastric sleeve surgery or gastric band surgery in the past and were unable to lose weight or had band-related complications.
Mini gastric surgery procedure involves the surgeon cutting the top portion of the stomach to form a small tube and stapling the remaining portion of the stomach. This newly formed stomach is connected to the small intestine and aids weight loss by holding lesser quantity of food.
MGB is a restrictive operation that prevents food nutrient absorption throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Patients can expect to lose a substantial quantity of their excess weight with MGB, while absorbing adequate nutrition, following strict diet and exercise. This procedure can be easily reversed, if needed and it is also known to successfully rid the patient from co-morbidities like diabetes, sleep apnea, etc.


Benefits of mini gastric bypass surgery in India

Mini gastric bypass surgery has better outcomes as opposed to other metabolic surgery. The benefits are even more when one plans to undergo the surgery in India owing to the following factors:

  • Cost-effective with 99.7% success rate across hospitals in India
  • A multi-disciplinary team to handle delicate cases and any complications
  • Highly experienced and world-renowned bariatric surgeons and specialists
  • Cutting-edge technology and top-notch infrastructure in all top hospitals

Robotic mini gastric bypass surgery

Robotic mini gastric bypass surgery has several advantages over laparoscopic surgery. In laparoscopic mini gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon employs the use of a laparoscopic camera and with his own skills completes the surgery successfully. In a robotic mini gastric bypass, the surgeon engages the precision of a robot to provide better outcome. With the aid of a robot, the bariatric surgeon is able to expertly perform the surgery with better access to hard-to-reach portion and abdominal blood vessels. As the robotic arm has a 360 degrees wrist movement it makes the surgery all the more precise and perfect. A robotic mini gastric bypass surgery also is scarless, minimum blood loss and side-effects.


Mini gastric bypass surgery cost in India

Without compromising in quality or expertise, you can be assured to receive international standard patient care and treatment. Even the cost of mini gastric bypass surgery in India is relatively low when compared to other countries. With the proficiency of top surgeons and the advanced infrastructure of the best hospitals in India assure the highest possible outcome. Mini Gastric bypass surgery cost in India starts from USD 5800 and can varies depending on the surgeon and hospital chosen. The patient can also opt for a robotic mini gastric bypass surgery for an additional amount of 2000-3000 USD.
A complete medical evaluation is needed to understand the condition of the patient and if he/she is the right candidate for the surgery. The The cost for complete investigation and evaluation is between 500-800 USD.

Criteria for undergoing mini gastric bypass surgery

To ensure a patient is fit to undergo mini gastric bypass surgery, the bariatric surgeon will evaluate the complete patient medical history. However, the basic requirements to be a candidate for mini gastric bypass surgery are as follows:

  • If the patient has a BMI above 35
  • If the patient is suffering from weight related problems like heart diseases, diabetes, etc but his/her BMI is above 30 and less than 35
  • If the patient is experiencing weight gain even after following strict diet
  • If the patient is suffering from metabolic diseases which is caused by excessive weight gain
  • If you have had gastric banding or sleeve gastrectomy in the past and was unsuccessful

Mini gastric bypass surgery success rate

In the first year, the patient will notice significant changes in the overall health and body weight. About 5 to 10 kgs of weight loss is expected in the first few months, and the patient will continue losing weight over a period of time. By engaging in guided exercise, healthy diet and an active lifestyle, the patient will not just lose weight, but will also be able to maintain the weight lost.

Top hospitals for mini gastric bypass in India

All top hospitals in India have exceptional standard of quality and care to cater to patients from overseas and India. The top hospitals for mini gastric bypass in India are fitted with cutting-edge technology, innovative infrastructure and the latest innovation. These hospitals also have a comprehensive team of specialist to provide holistic patient care. The list of top hospitals for mini gastric bypass in India are as follows:

Best mini gastric bypass surgeons in India

India has a pool of world-renowned and internationally acknowledged bariatric surgeons who can expertly handle complicates cases and deliver best possible outcome. The best mini gastric bypass surgeons in India are well versed with the latest innovation and surgical technologies to deliver exceptional results. Here is a list of best mini gastric bypass surgeons in India:

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Frequently Asked Questions and patient concerns

1. Is there insurance coverage for mini gastric bypass surgery?

Health diseases are covered by most insurance companies. As obesity is deemed a health condition, your insurance policy will cover it. It's suggested that you talk to your insurance company once, though.

Undergoing a mini gastric bypass surgery will provide you the following benefits:

  • Freedom from obesity related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc.
  • Improves cardiac health
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Improvement in infertility conditions

It is anticipated that you will be under observation for a hospital stay of three to five days and that your health will be monitored timely.

Post-surgery, until your stomach and intestines cure entirely, you'll be on liquids and no solid food. There will be a unique diet plan that has to be followed religiously. The diet begins with liquids, purified food and gradually incorporates solid food into your diet. It is essential to limit the amount of food intake. The doctor will provide some vitamins and supplements along with frequent inspections and general health tracking.

As your body responds to the rapid weight loss after gastric bypass in the first three to six months, you may experience modifications, including:

  • Relatively dry skin
  • Flu like tiredness and conditions
  • Cold and chills
  • Changes in mood
  • Hair loss and hair thinning
  • Body aches

Please be ensured, however, that these post-operative side effects are not permanent and will decrease over time.

It usually requires 3-5 weeks to cure fully. However, in some rare instances, recovery duration of 12 weeks is also to be expected.

Yes, metabolic surgeries are no danger to conceiving or carrying out pregnancy successfully. Nonetheless, it is advised you wait for about 2 years till your body is completely healed. Also, speak with a doctor before planning pregnancy.

In order to avoid insufficiency of vitamins and nutrients, the surgeon will recommend you take vitamins and supplements.

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