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7 ways to save your breast in breast cancer surgery with modern treatment approach

Do you know you can save your breast during breast cancer surgery?

If you are worried about losing your natural breast after breast cancer treatment you do not need to worry about it anymore. Your concern is genuine. Breasts are not only for lactation needs but it’s a part of your identity as female. Females who lost their breast during the treatment always feel something is missing in their life and try to shy away to return to normal social life. If you are a working woman then this feeling of something missing starts impacting your professional life as well.

With advancement in healthcare now you can reverse your breast cancer without losing your breasts.

Unlike surgery where you are at a risk of losing your breast either completely or partially there are several treatment options that help you get rid of cancer without you losing your natural breast. 

These modern treatment approaches and precautions have helped many women like you from losing their breast to surgery. The precautions and modern treatment procedures that helps to annihilate cancer cells without affecting the natural breast appearance are:

What are the ways to save your breast in breast cancer surgery?

Early detection:

You can decrease your chance of losing a part or your whole breast to breast cancer by detecting the cancer at an early age. By undergoing regular check up or by self examination of breast regularly you can detect the abnormal cancerous growth at an early stage. 

The early detection of cancer not only helps you arrest the overgrowth but it minimizes your risk of losing a significant part of your breast to get rid of the cancer.

Self-examination and regular check-ups has helped several women detect breast cancer at an early stage especially among women who are above forty years and for women having a family history of breast cancer.


With close monitoring, If you are able to detect any developing lump early, there is a very high probability that a small surgery called lumpectomy can be performed and the lump is removed without any significant damage to the breast. The lumpectomy these days by good surgeons is performed in such a way that there would not be any trace of surgery after the healing process.

When you detect any lump, your doctor may suggest lumpectomy for you to remove the cancer cells from your breast. During lumpectomy or breast conservation surgery your doctor removes the cancerous cells from your breast while ensuring minimal change in the natural appearance of your breast. 

Nevertheless, sometimes a few women may lose a part of their breast during lumpectomy but even that can also be addressed by a small cosmetic procedure during or just after the lumpectomy.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer:

Chemotherapy is another option for managing cancer cells in the breast. Through chemotherapy your doctor initiates shrinkage of the breast cancer cells so that minimal part of the breast is damaged if surgery is required to remove the cancerous cells completely. 

Sometimes your doctors may advise radiation therapy after breast cancer to remove cancer cells completely.


Cyberknife is yet another potential treatment method where you get a personalized approach to kill the cancer cells without harming the adjoining vital organs like heart and lungs.

Cyberknife has emerged as a safer, and faster way to kill cancer cells from the breast without affecting its natural look. Also cyberknife is a viable treatment solution for women who are afraid to go under the knife to get their cancer removed.


Immunotherapy is one of the latest healthcare interventions for treating cancer. During Immunotherapy your doctor may advise you on some medicines that help to enhance your immunity to fight against the cancer cells. 

Sometimes your doctor may advise targeted drug therapy along with immunotherapy to control the growth of cancer cells without the necessity of undergoing surgery to remove cancer cells.

Targeted drug therapy:

Targeted drug therapy allows women the ease of reversing their breast cancer without undergoing any surgery or radiation therapy. During targeted drug therapy your doctor will administer certain drugs that attack the cancerous growth and kill them. 

Typically targeted drugs are administered through IV, injection or in the form of pills. Since no surgery is required during targeted drug therapy you do not lose any part of your breast.

Hormone therapy:

Hormones play an essential role in the functioning of the body but did you know that hormones play a crucial role in managing some types of breast cancer. By  blocking estrogen and progesterone hormones from attaching on the breast cancer cells your doctor can restrict the growth of cancer cells in your breast.

Since this hormone is injected into the body you are not losing your breast tissue as you would after a breast cancer surgery.

In case your cancer has been detected at an advanced stage and the only treatment available for you is mastectomy or complete removal of breast then you can still go for breast reconstruction surgery. 


Now that you know about various treatment therapies that help in managing breast cancer without affecting the appearance of your breast.  Although these therapies are safe and efficient, you must check your eligibility to undergo the therapy with your doctor. 

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