Free webinar on a revolutionary new protocol for prostate cancer treatment that improves success rates by 25%

Here is what to expect from the free webinar.

  • Ask your questions directly to India’s best team of prostate cancer experts
  • Learn about the breakthrough approach for prostate cancer treatment
  • Webinar panelists include uro oncologist, surgical oncologist, and radio oncologist
  • Supported by HCG cancer care hospital, India’s largest chain of cancer care specialist hospitals

Free Prostate Cancer Awareness Webinar

Prostate cancer is the 4th most prevalent cancer in the world with 1.41 million cases according to WHO.

However, with the advancement of technologies and more important protocols for prostate cancer the survival rates are also increasing. 

You might be wondering who is the right doctor to treat prostate cancer. Is it Uro Oncologist, Surgical Oncologist, or Radio Oncologist?

The answer to your question is none of the above but all of the above. The team comprises of Uro oncologists, Surgical oncologists, and Radio oncologists who as a team can come up with the protocol which might be a combination of medicines, surgery, and radiotherapy in the right sequence. This evolving approach is called the tumor board approach in today’s world.

The tumor board approach with wholistic protocol is proven to have the best survival rates.

MedicoExperts, in association with HCG ( the biggest onco chain of India),  is happy to announce a free webinar where all the three super specialists i.e Uro Oncologist, Surgical Oncologist, and Radio Oncologist will be present to give you a wholistic approach to deal Prostate cancer.

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Webinar Details:

Free Live Webinar on Prostate cancer organized by MedicoExperts in association with HCG Cancer Care Hospital

Webinar Date: 15 Jan 2022

Time: 5 PM IST [GMT + 5:30]

Benefits of Webinar for you

  • You will get to understand the differential value of the Tumour Board Approach to treat prostate cancer.
  • You can thereafter navigate your treatment in a better way to substantially improve success rates.
  • You can ask questions to doctors directly to clarify your doubts.
  • You will have better awareness including the Pros and cons of all the treatment options
  • You can request a second opinion for your specific case.
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Webinar program Schedule

  • Welcome and introduction from MedicoExperts
  • Presentation by Dr. Raghunath S.K. – Uro Oncology
  • Presentation by Dr. Trinanjan Basu – Radiation Oncology
  • Presentation by Dr. Tushar Pawar – Surgical Oncology
  • One to One question-answer session with the doctors
  • Thanksgiving

Know the Prostate Cancer Expert Speakers


Dr. Raghunath S.K. – Uro Oncology

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), DNB (Urology)
  • Dr. Raghunath S.K is a renowned Uro-Oncologist with more than 18 years of experience. 
  • Dr. Raghunath is the 1st uro-oncologist to establish the 1st dedicated uro-oncology department in South India at HCG.
  • Dr. Raghunath has conducted over 3000 uro-oncological surgeries. 
  • His areas of interest include robotic surgery and medical equipment innovations and designing. 
  • Expertise in open and robotic radical prostatectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy for prostate cancer
  • Specialize in treating metastatic prostate cancer with Hormone therapy and Immunotherapy

Dr. Trinanjan Basu – Radiation Oncology

MBBS, MD (Radiation Oncology)
  • Dr. Trinanjan Basu is a renowned Radiation Oncologist with more than 14 years of expertise.
  • Dr. Trinanjan Basu has handled more than 2000 cases.
  • Specialize in External Beam Radiation for Prostate Cancer.
  • Specialize in PET-CT-based planning and evaluation in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Dr. Tushar Pawar – Surgical Oncology

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Surgical Oncology)
  • Dr. Tushar Pawar is a Surgical Oncologist and has more than 10 years of experience.
  • Dr. Tushar Pawar has handled more than 1000 cases.
  • He is a special interest in multivisceral resections and minimally invasive approaches.
  • Dr. Tushar Pawar has expertise in the surgical management of multiple cancers including prostate cancer.

Ground Rules for the Webinar

  • Mute your Audio
  • Allow the speaker to finish their presentations.
  • Keep your questions ready and post them in the comment section.
  • Questions will be taken on a first come first basis after the presentations.
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MedicoExperts is a Global virtual hospital which is established to offer quality healthcare services at affordable pricing without compromising the success rates of the treatment.
MedicoExperts is having a network of highly experienced super specialist doctors and well equipped hospitals across the globe and offering second opinion through online video consultation and surgical interventions through its empanelled super specialist doctors at its network hospitals in 17 countries from 3 continents.
By the virtue of its approach and model, MedicoExperts is successfully achieve to deliver

  • Latest and most advanced treatments with success rates of international benchmarks.
  • Multiple cost options depending upon the hospital facilities, with the same doctor.
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  • Trust and peace of mind.

Most suitable for patients who are looking for:-
  • Planned Surgeries and treatment from most experienced doctors and at multiple cost options as per hospital facilities with best possible outcomes.
  • Second Opinion from expert doctors.
  • Complex cases involving multi specialities
  • International patients looking for treatment from Indian doctors

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Limited seats for webinar and allocation of seats would be on first cum first serve basis

Webinar Date: 15 Jan 2022

Time: 5 PM IST[GMT + 5:30]

Be Aware of the latest techniques and protocols to defeat prostate cancer while ensuring the quality of life is our goal.

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