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Gastric balloon in India

Unmarried young women now have an assured and safe way to lose weight. The gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a temporarily saline-filled device in the stomach cavity to ensure weight loss and diet control. As this is a no-cut procedure, the number of unmarried young women opting for this procedure is higher than the ratio of men opting for this procedure. Patients undergoing gastric balloon in India is on a steady rise due to the affordability without compromising in quality or outcome.

Non-surgical weight loss procedure

Owing to the hectic and demanding lifestyle, many individuals are dipping towards the higher end of the weight scale. Long desk-bound working hours, unhealthy eating habits and little to no time for exercise are causing the pounds to pile up, leading to several other health complications like hypertension, joint pains, etc. There are several options available to lose weight ranging from diets, exercise regimes, natural weight loss programs to surgeries. Many people have tried almost every diet and exercise and yet have not seen any significant change on the weight scale. That is when, medical practitioner suggests going under the knife to lose weight, but not everyone is comfortable to change the digestive system of the body to lose weight. However, thanks to the rapid advancement in medical science and surgical technology, there is a newer weight loss procedure that is showing significant benefits to several individuals. Gastric balloon or intragastric ballooning is one such procedure that is proving to aid people effectively lose weight.

Gastric Balloon – How It Works

A deflated silicone balloon is endoscopically inserted in the patient’s abdomen, ensuring no incision, no downtime, and minimal risk, and is then filled with saline. The entire process takes about 20-30 minutes and the patient can be discharged from the hospital the same day. This is an extremely effective procedure for people who have tried losing weight in the past through diet and exercise but have failed to do so. The gastric balloon will make you feel satiated quicker than you would normally, which often means you’re going to eat less. This procedure also has a benefitting effect on the hormone that controls appetite, meaning that you have far lesser cravings and can easily stick to any diet plan, ensuring speedy weight loss.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

Also, as this is a non-surgical procedure that involves no cut or changing the physiology of the body or causing any drastic change to the digestive system, the gastric balloon is a likely option to women who are unmarried and wish to lose weight. The balloon is placed inside the stomach for a period of 6 to 12 months to facilitate weight loss and then is taken out endoscopically.

Gastric Balloon in India

Even though the gastric balloon is such a promising procedure there are unfortunately few unsuccessful cases where the patient did not get as much benefit as anticipated. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to choose the right surgeon for maximum benefit.

India is taking the mantle of most successfully performed surgeries with a cost that is giving the western world a run for their money. The cost of gastric balloon in India starts from USD 3500 and has a success rate of as high as 99.7%. With the best surgeons in India who have years of specialised experience, you are also getting affordability and assured results.

Gastric balloon in India is a promising solution that promotes portion control with a customized weight loss plan for 12 months specially curated by a team of experts and dieticians that will ensure not just weight loss but also sustainability and healthy lifestyle choices. “Controlling portion is much easier, thanks to the balloon inside the stomach that provides the sensation and feeling of being full even after a small meal,” says Dr Jaydeep Palep, director and head, department of bariatric and minimal access surgery, Nanavati super speciality hospital, Mumbai. In this informative video, Dr Palep goes on to explain about how the perception of people towards weight loss surgery has begun to change in recent years. “It is no longer called as weight loss surgery, but as a diabetic reversible procedure. As opposed to being tired and low on energy, patients after a procedure like a gastric balloon or gastric sleeve surgery find themselves having more energy to undertake tasks that deemed arduous in before the weight loss procedure.

Studies have also shown noticeable improvements in patients with elevated sugar, triglycerides levels, etc. and also instances of PCOS, PCOD and other female health complications. With several patients profiting from this procedure, there is no further doubt that in fact, the gastric balloon is a promising and viable option to many patients who are overweight, especially unmarried young women.

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