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In the past decade, numerous revolutionary developments were made in the field of medicine and researchers have tried to establish an accelerated understanding on the role of stem cells in human health and diseases. Regardless of the great advancements made in the field of traditional medicine, in recent times there are other added remedial ways to treat the root cause of numerous medical conditions. The traditional medical treatment, in many instances can only manage symptoms of the patient either with medications or medical tools, catering temporary symptomatic relief. Regenerative Medicine on the contrary, is proving a breakthrough approach to treat voluminous medical disorders including neuro-degenerative diseases like Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Muscular Dystrophies and many more.

Stem Cell – The Future of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an antonym of degeneration and is defined as “the science of generating living and functional tissues in order to repair or replace tissue or organ functions lost due to age, disease, damage or congenital defects.” Stem Cell Therapy or Stem Cell Treatment is one such type of regenerative medicine that offers the realistic potential to repair damaged tissue by targeting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Stem Cell Treatment offers one-stop solution to the patients suffering from diseases that are beyond repair by reversing the effect of many degenerative conditions.

Stem Cell Therapy though it seems is not new, as it has been offered to animal and human patients for years. But the recent innovations in the cell biology and similar arenas have discovered new ways to refine the prevailing regenerative therapies and improve new ones. Partaking colossal regenerative potential, Stem cells therapy works to regulate body’s own healing ability by isolating the stem cells from body’s one site and transferring them to the site of injury, inflammation or disease. This treatment uses and enhances the primary function of stem cells to heal and conserve the damaged tissue by transferring stem cells directly to the diseased area within patient’s body.

Stem Cell Therapy – How It Works

stemcell how it works

For the stem cell therapy, the stem cell experts employ adult stem cells, which are harvested from the patient’s own tissue including a bone marrow. This is a very safe in-patient procedure, during which the stem cells are harvested and isolated from a patient’s body under local anesthesia. Stem cells are then separated from harvested tissue in high-speed stem cell centrifuge machine where centrifugal force separates dormant stem cells from harvested tissue. Isolated stem cells, after enrichment are then prepared for transfer in the body. This entire procedure is completely ethical, safe and have minimal to no side-effects.

Stem cells are very unique and have multiple potential as they are able to take the diverse form and types of tissue which includes but not limited to ligament, muscle, bone, cartilage, tendon and fat. As a result of this, the application of stem cell therapy/treatment is virtually unbounded and include treatment for degenerative, neurological, auto-immune and orthopedic conditions.

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