reshape breast after breast feeding

“Post-pregnancy and breastfeeding effects on breast can be corrected by adopting some tips. There several non-surgical and surgical interventions, women may opt for getting back their breasts in good shape and looks.”  


The size and shape of the breast is an important part, a woman considers for her looks. The bodily changes that occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding may often upset her about looks and shape of the breasts. Some women can naturally regain the pre-pregnancy breast shape and size, but most of them require some specific procedures to reshape their desired shape and size of breast after delivery. This may also require instilling the confidence in some women, who are in a demanding profession where look matters the most.

Reshape breast after delivery

Breast reshaping after pregnancy is the most common procedure a woman opts for due to after effects of breastfeeding such as reduced elasticity of breast skin, stretch marks and sagging. These aftereffects are cause by mainly due to weight fluctuations and breastfeeding during pregnancy. A breast reshaping procedure may help decrease stretch marks, restore the breast height, and reinstate breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape, size, and appearance.

Breast reduction after breastfeeding

Enlarged breasts may cause neck and upper back pain that can be relieved by performing the breast reduction surgery. Typically, doctors suggest breast reduction procedure after you don’t want any more kids. Some women insist on the procedure even before, despite knowing its impact on next pregnancy and breastfeeding.  The procedure is done after one month of cessation of lactation period. Breast size also decreases naturally after cessation, so wait for 6 months is recommended before having this procedure.

Based on several factors such as overall health, age and expected outcome of the breast reshaping procedures, women may opt for any of these procedures. There are various non-surgical procedures, which may not match with the surgical interventions but can give satisfactory results.

Seven tips for breast lift after pregnancy and breastfeeding

Chest exercises


Exercise helps reduce fat stored in tissues, besides toning up the body and restore strength. Exercise for chest muscles include triceps dips and push-ups apart from bent-forward cable crossovers, pec deck machine reps and barbell bench presses. However, reshaping will not be at par with the surgical methods.  The results are better if skin elasticity is good and sagging is low.

Wear a new bra

replace your bra

Wearing a new bra is the most affordable and comfortable method of breast lifting. The outcomes depend on right size, shape and fabric to achieve desired support and comfort. Consultation with experts also helps in choosing the right fit.

Skin shaping creams


Like anti-ageing creams, the skin shaping creams that are developed for use on chest and neck. These creams helps in toning the skin and make breasts softer and firmer. But creams have no significant effect on breast lifting though.

Mastopexy or Breast lift

Breast-Lift image

Trained surgeons will consult the patient to understand her objective and expected outcomes after the surgery. Breast lift procedure refers to a surgical intervention to lift your nipples up against the chest wall by removing excess skin and tightening the tissues. Generally, women choose this procedure after pregnancy and breastfeeding, to reshape flat, sagging, or enlarged breasts.

Laser treatments

laser treatment

Laser therapy involves application of high-energy beams to eliminate dead skin cells as well as stimulating collagen production to enhance the elasticity of breast skin. This procedure requires no scars but needs to be repeated after some time.

Aptos threading

Aptos threading refers to physical uplifting of the skin around the breast by using barbed Aptos threads. The procedure is still considered non invasive and results may last for more than two years. The thread also gets dissolved within 12 -24 months period.

Caci bust treatment

caci bust treatment

Caci bust treatment involves application of electric pulse to tighten the muscles around breasts, resulting in more toned chest muscles and lift in breast. The procedure is non-invasive but requires repeated sittings to achieve desired results.

Breast reshaping surgery cost in India

Breast reshaping surgery requires general anesthesia and takes around 2-3 hours to complete the procedure. You may need one day hospital stay after the procedure. Breast lift procedure may cost US$ 2,500 to US$ 3,000 in India, with high success rate. Equipped with trained surgeons and best in class infrastructure, hospitals in India offer most advanced breast lift treatments across all major cities in the country. Women, from across the globe, who are seeking affordable breast lift surgeries can opt for world renowned surgeons and hospitals in India.

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