prostate cancer

Prevention of prostate cancer also depends on our lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Globally, people can manage the disease with some tips and careful lifestyle choices. Affordable cost of prostate cancer treatment makes India a preferred destination for foreign as well as domestic patients.

Prostate Cancer

What can we do to avoid risk of having prostate cancer or its recurrence? This is one of the most frequently asked question by people to the experts. The basic of avoiding risk for prostate cancer is to maintain healthy diet, regular exercise regime and healthy body mass index (BMI). Well, no established prevention strategy is there to avoid prostate cancer, but studies suggest that diet and exercise regime play a key role in management of this disease.

Here are few tips to avoid prostate cancer.

1. Consume fresh vegetables and fruits: Vitamins and nutrients found in vegetables and fruits, which helps in breaking down the cancer causing compounds known as carcinogens. A rich diet in nutrients filled vegetables and fruits also help in reducing the junk food consumption on daily basis.

2. Eat red food more: Eat more red food such as watermelon, tomatoes as these food contain lycopene – a strong antioxidant, which help decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer

3. Quit smoking: If you are a smoker then you may be at greater risk of having prostate cancer or recurrence of the disease.

4. Sip the coffee: Coffee consumption is also linked to reduce the chances of prostate cancer development. Three cups may decrease the prostate cancer by around 11%. Kahweol and cafestol present in coffee are good cancer fighting agents. But higher doses of caffeine present in the coffee may cause other serious side effects too.

5. Replace animal fat with plant-based fat: Studies suggest that replacing animal source fat with plant-based fat in diet will help in reducing risk of prostate cancer. For instance:
• Replace butter with olive oil
• Candy with fruit
• Packaged foods with fresh vegetables
• Cheese with seeds and nuts
Avoid overcooked meat because it releases carcinogens.

6. Include isoflavone rich food in diet: Isoflavones is a compound, which helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Isoflavone is present in these foods:
• Lentils
• Tofu (made from soybeans)
• Alfalfa sprouts
• Chickpeas
• Peanuts

7. Be cautious about healthy food options

Omega-3 fatty acids and fish: Both omega-3 fatty acid and fish are considered to be healthy diet options, which stands true but consumption of these food in diet is more than recommended quantities may induce prostate cancer. In some varieties of fish including salmon, tuna, trout, sardines and mackerel are known to have omega-3.

Folate: Some studies suggest that low Folate levels in the body beyond recommended limits may also enhance the prostate cancer risk. But lab-made folic acid may also put you on higher risk of prostate cancer. Certain food including whole grains, green vegetables, breakfast cereals and beans are source of natural folate.

Dairy: Diet rich in calcium content such as dairy may also cause prostate cancer. So over consumption of dairy products should be avoided.

8. Speak with your doctor: You may also consult with your family physician about risk of developing prostate cancer as he knows your family history and can advise you better for potential risk. Inform the doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms:
• Blood in semen or urine
• Difficulty urinating
• Pain in rectal or pelvic region

9. Exercise regularly: Obesity may also induce the risk of prostate cancer, so regular exercise and maintaining healthy weight are good for improved metabolism and muscle mass. One may indulge in swimming, cycling, walking and running.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

Prostate cancer treatments including surgery and prostatectomy are fast developing in the world along with the increasing patients for this deadly disorder. The medical infrastructure in India is at par with its western counterparts comprising of advance surgical instruments and trained surgeons specializing in prostate cancer.

Various treatment alternatives for prostate gland cancer comprise:
• Immunotherapy
• Surgery
• Radiation therapy
• Chemotherapy
• Clinical trials
• Hormone therapy

Prostate cancer treatment cost in India

The cost of treatment cost for prostate cancer in India varies with different factors such as the disease progression stage, size of tumor, and the procedure adopted for the patient. Indian hospitals are equipped with advanced treatment alternatives options thus making it a safe and reliable destination for global as well as domestic patients. In addition, cost-effective medical care and affordable accommodation availability makes it easier for foreign patients to have prostate cancer treatment in India.

Dedicated super specialty hospitals across major Indian cities are giving new edge to cancer care in the country. Patients may now seek best in class prostate cancer treatment in India.
The average price of prostate cancer procedure varies from individual to individual that depend on a person’s overall health and disease profile such as hypertension, diabetes, age etc. Cost of prostate cancer treatment in India starts at US$ 4,200 depending on the facility and treatment doctor.

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