Breast cancers are very much common in females, and medical experts are still looking for definite causes for it. As of now, there are some of the causes and risk factors of breast cancers determined by the medical experts conducting breast cancer treatment in India.

As per the statistics, one out of every 8 women is found to be suffering from breast cancer. With the passing time, breast cancer has become a very common health disorder in the female. Preventing cancer can be difficult as the symptoms in the early stage are very minute. You need to be very proactive if you want to catch your symptoms early to seek the best breast cancer treatment in India while there is still time.

You can get in touch with some of the experts offering the best cancer treatment in India to help guide you with detailed information on breast cancer disease. If you are not aware of any of the experts by now, this article will help you know about some of the details associated with breast cancer. So, before you look for the hospitals offering the best breast cancer treatment in India, read this article till the end.

Know The Causes Of Breast Cancer Disease In Females


The prime reason for women experiencing breast cancers is damage caused to the DNA of the respective cells. Medical experts are still running researched to come to a conclusion for the actual cause of breast cancer in women.

As of now, there are certain causes that are meant to play a major role in degrading the cell conditions within the body of females and pushing them towards breast cancer. The causes include:

  1. An increase in age is one of the prime causes of breast cancer. Women getting older are much prone to breast cancer as compared to the younger girls.
  2. If the lady has any past records or adverse breast conditions, then there is a maximum possibility that the lady might suffer from breast cancers in the lifetime.
  3. If there is any other female in your family who has suffered from breast cancer in the past, you also might suffer from the same condition due to the genetic disorder aspects.
  4. Some people are born with inherited genes that are most likely going to take the shape of cancer in the future. Hence, if any female has such genes within the body, then they are prone to suffer from breast cancer in the lifetime.
  5. Exposure to radiation is yet another primary reason for causing breast cancer in females. Any type of radiation is not appropriate for females as it might worsen their inherited genes to trigger and form into a cancerous disease.
  6. Amongst all the causes, obesity is the most common cause of breast cancer. Ladies who do not take care of their bodies and turn obese are most likely prone to breast cancer and many other diseases.

As stated by the specialists, these are a few of the definite causes that might be the prime reasons for breast cancer in females. All the above causes are designated to boost the growth of some breast cells abnormally. As a result, these cells divide very rapidly and surpass the growth of healthy cells.

After a while, abnormal cells accumulate and form a lump in the breast and take the shape of cancer. In most cases, the cancer cells start growing in the region of milk-producing ducts. Apart from these causes mentioned above, there are many other lifestyles, hormonal and environmental factors responsible for the females suffering from breast cancers at a high rate.

Therefore, get up and get your check-up done and also get an idea about the breast cancer treatment cost in India. It will help you stay prepared for the worse times that might come in the future. If you are already experiencing the symptoms of the disease, then you can start your research for the best hospital for breast cancer treatment in India.

Risk Factors For The Breast Cancer Disease In Females


There is a certain combination of destined factors which results in breast cancer. These individual factors are the risks that might trigger the body functions to develop this disease within. As per the recent surveys, most of the women who have suffered from breast cancers are above the age of 50.

Knowing the risk factors beforehand will give you a better idea of how to react to the situation. If you are aware of these factors, you will be able to judge the symptoms better. Women experiencing the risk factors do not mandatorily end up having breast cancers. There are many such cases when women go through the risk factors but do not develop breast cancer. But there is a definite possibility for it.

Hence, some of the risk factors associated with breast cancer disease in females include:

1. Ageing Problem

With the growing age, the body loses its integrity to fight with the disease conditions. As a result, the cells start to grow abnormally within the breast region of females. Most of the breast cancers that are diagnosed across the globe are in women above 50 years of age. Hence, it is a clear sign that age is a prime risk factor for breast cancer. If you are at that age and are seeing some symptoms, it is better to get an idea about the cost of breast cancer treatment in India today.

2. Genetic Disorders or Mutations

There are some inherited genes within the body that are named BRCA! And BRCA2. Women who have these inherited genes might be at risk of experiencing breast cancer in the lifetime. In case of any mild symptoms, females need to get themselves diagnosed at the clinics or hospitals offering the best treatment for breast cancer in India. Early treatment can save you from a lot of adversities.

3. Poor Reproductive Cycle History

Women who have experienced the start of menstrual cycles before the age of 12 and are going through menopause starting from the age of 55 are probably under a massive risk of breast cancer. In such cases, you need to get in touch with the specialists at the best hospital in India for breast cancer treatment.

4. Denser Breasts

If a lady possesses dense breasts, then there is a high chance that she has more connective tissues as compared to the fatty tissues. Hence, it makes it hard for specialists to find tumors in mammograms. The women who have denser breasts are more prone to breast cancer disease. Get ideal treatments at the hospitals that charge less cost for breast cancer treatment in India without compromising on the quality of the treatment.

These are some of the potential risk factors that give rise to breast cancer in women. In case you feel any kind of distortion within the body, make sure that you get yourself diagnosed right away. Delaying, in the case of breast cancers, can even cause death. Therefore, do not take any chances that you are prone to any of such risk factors.


These are a few of the causes and risk factors of breast cancer in a female that will help you know about how to react to such conditions. In case you are suspecting a lump or mass accumulating around your breast region, then it is high time you need to consult a specialist who can guide you with the necessary medications and treatments.

If you are not yet experiencing any symptoms, remain proactive, and analyze the risk factors and causes to keep yourself healthy and safe from breast cancer disease. If you are facing any kind of symptoms, then reach out to MedicoExperts today to get a consultation on your condition and reach out to the best hospitals and clinics for effective treatment at a low cost.

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