hip replacement surgery in India

India is fast becoming a most sought-after medical tourism destination for hip-replacement surgeries owing to world-class infrastructure, affordable cost and high success rates. Patients from across the globe prefer India over other costlier locations to undergo various hip replacement procedures.

The first THR (total hip replacement) design was made back in 1960s and the implant design and surgery methods continued to evolve since then. THR also remains one of the most successful and effective technique to cure serious hip injuries. The basic hip implant design comprises of a stainless steel stem fitted with metal head and a socket made of plastic. During THR, the implant is cemented to replace the damaged part.

Advancements in Total Hip Replacement

The most acknowledged advancements happened in THR procedures include increased life of hip implants and improved revision surgeries. Earlier, THR was used for patients older than 70 years, due to wear and tear induced failure of the implants. But, nowadays the higher quality of implants with enhanced performance and longevity period are suitable for younger patients.

Some most exciting developments in THR in practice nowadays include:


Smaller in size than normal stems allows larger part of bone to be preserved during implantation as well as making revision surgery easier. Long-term effects of these new designs are yet to be established as they are launched recently and need time to study its efficacy.

Mini-incision Hip Replacement

The mini-incision hip replacement can be done via a 10 cm incision, which leaves a less visible post-operative scar on body along with shortened recovery time. This surgery is performed by using specially designed equipment for better results.

Some more advancement to reduce wear and tear of hip implants consists of: 

New Plastic

Newer versions of polyethylene are being used, which produce less dust particles. Also some implants are being incorporated with vitamin E to enhance wear properties.

Alternative Bearings

Alternative bearings, which are made of ceramic that offer less friction, help decrease dust particles created by wear and tear between metal and plastic. Sometimes, metal on metal surfaces bearings are also used.

Uncemented Hip Replacement

To reduce the dust formed by cemented implants, alternative bonding solutions are being used for hip replacement. This type of implants allows natural bone growth inside and mostly used for younger patients.

Surgeons prefer advanced hip implant types for improved results and suitable for younger people with active lifestyle. Newer techniques are evolving to offer pain less procedure, better longevity of implants and faster recovery for patients.

Robotic-assisted Hip Replacement Surgery

Robotic-assisted hip surgery is achieving new heights in minimally invasive hip replacement procedures through minimizing both infection rates and recovery period. Surgeons use a robotic arm for more précised placement of implants through a smaller incision.

Total Hip Replacement in India  

India’s healthcare infrastructure is a perfect mix of affordable treatment, advanced hospitals and best surgeons. Doctors are well equipped with evolving hip replacement techniques. Experienced surgeons offer proper counseling to patients and suggest best procedure to them by examining their anatomy based on thorough diagnosis. Even robot-assisted hip replacement surgery is available in India at affordable price following advanced globally acknowledged techniques across best hospitals in the country. Indian surgeons are well versed with all the hip replacement procedures including minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, revision hip replacement surgery, hip resurfacing surgery, double hip replacement surgery, partial hip replacement surgery and THR.

Cost of hip replacement procedures varies according to surgical approach, implant material, and type of surgery. The surgeons also have good track record of successfully performing all above mentioned procedure with highest level of precision.

Some advantages for receiving hip replacement in India comprise:

  • Hip replacement surgery cost in India begins from US $ 5,000 compared to US  $15,000 in its western counterparts.
  • Success rate of hip replacement procedures in India is around 96%.
  • Patients can save around 50-70% as stay and travel cost in India.
  • Customized treatment packages covering pre surgical counseling and post surgery patient care.
  • Multi-specialty hospitals equipped with standardized and comprehensive care plan.

In absence of medical insurance, the cost of hip replacement surgery becomes a burden on patients. Indian hospitals provide much relief to such patients by offering affordable surgery options without compromising in quality of care.



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