10 common breast changes to expect post childbirth and treatments thereof in India

“Pregnancy and childbirth bring several anatomic changes to a woman’s body including the breast caused by natural factors, breastfeeding patterns, hereditary problems and overall health of the mother. Indian doctors and hospitals are well equipped for best in class care and treatment for correcting the breast changes. Low cost of breast augmentation procedure in India also attracts lots of foreign patients to the country.”


During pregnancy, women begin to experience some bodily changes that may last post child-birth also. Changes in breast shape and size are also evident after delivery, which are called as structural changes. In case, women experience some unusual and serious changes in breast post childbirth, they must consult with the doctor for correction and treatment.

Here are 10 common breast changes expected after childbirth

Asymmetrical Breasts


This happens due to uneven percentage of breast tissues on one side, which also impact hormone secretion making difference too wide. The irregular size may be more evident after pregnancy and childbirth.

Growth in Breast Size

breast size increase during pregnancy

During pregnancy breast size grows and that continues to grow even after the childbirth. This happens due to dietary changes of expecting and lactating mothers along with hormonal changes that continues to impact the mother’s body in several ways.

Sagging Breasts


The sagginess in breast is one of the most prominent changes after pregnancy, which may impact the body image and self esteem of a woman. Various factors such as skin elasticity, breast tissue development and overall weight gain play a key role in sagginess of breast.



Generally, this happens after mastitis, and defined by formation of pus lump in the breast. This can be stopped by treating mastitis before it get worse. Abscess may become painful and make the breastfeeding unhygienic for child due to pus lump formation.

Bumpy Nipples

bumy nipple

From the onset of pregnancy, the areolas present on the breasts tend to become darker along with protruding of the nipple as well as development of tiny spots around the nipple. These changes occur to enable the baby, with underdeveloped senses and poor eyesight, easily spot the feeding section.

Engorged and Achy Breasts

engorged breast

Nominal growth in breast is evident, but some mothers may have engorged breast size, which may develop beyond a comfortable size. Speedy lactation after delivery causes breasts to be overfilled with milk, which in turn stress them and tend to ache even.

Stretch Marks on Breasts

stretch marks

Besides tummy stretch marks, some women can also get stretch marks on their breasts, which could be a hereditary issue. Elastic skin may tend to stretch and relax very quickly, making stretch marks more visible with weight gain.

Blocked Milk Ducts

blocked breast tube

Sometimes milk ducts seem to be obstructed, despite regular lactation, which is caused by wearing inadequate size bra. Women who continue to use underwire bras even after childbirth might experience blockage of milk ducts.



With changes appearing in breast including darker areola, prominent nipples and tiny spots on the breast after delivery, a bright red spot on the breast also appear that may cause pain and inflammation. This problem is known as mastitis. Due to sudden exposure to saliva and milk accompanied by cracked nipple due to inadequate feeding, the area is exposed to bacterial load that may lead to mastitis.

Sore and Cracked Nipples

sore nipple

Some of the prominent changes occur around nipples during pregnancy and childbirth, and if these get sore or cracked this could result in pain. Mild soreness is okay during the entire process, but improper feeding may increase the intensity of soreness.

There are several methods to correct the breast size, shape as well as other issues developed during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Breast augmentation


Conventionally, silicone gel prosthetics or saline is used to conduct this procedure. But nowadays, fat grafting is also considered for this surgery. There may be multiple reasons to opt for this procedure such as small breast size, change in breast shape due to breastfeeding or oversized breasts. Some old age women also prefer this surgery due to lose skin around their breasts. Some women also think that a breast enlargement procedure will enhance their self-esteem and sexual feelings.

Breast lift procedure


Various incision techniques are used by the doctors for breast lift procedure depending on the shape, degree of sagging, and size of the breast along with kind of lift a women needs. A patient is given few medications and asked to quit smoking before the procedure.

Breast lift surgery aftercare

Post surgery breasts may remain sore and swollen for some weeks, which can be managed with medicines.

  • The patient needs to wear a non-wire or surgical bra for two to three weeks.
  • It may take two months to one year to achieve the desired shape of the breast.
  • Avoid heavy exercise and weight lifting for few weeks post surgery.

Cost of breast implants in India

Leading hospitals in India have exceptional service experience in catering international patients offering latest technology and innovation. These hospitals have separate divisions, panel of best doctors and special teams provide comprehensive care to foreign patients. Medical infrastructure and surgical expertise offer the country a competitive edge over global counterparts. In India Breast lift procedure may cost US$ 3000, which can vary with choice of hospital and doctor. Dedicated health service agencies, experienced bariatric surgeon and a network of best in class hospitals with proximity to major airports makes India a most sought after destination for medical procedures among foreign patients.

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