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In nations with insufficient healthcare resources, a cancer diagnosis not only brings fear of the illness but also the daunting reality of battling inadequate healthcare infrastructure.

At the same time, ahead of World Cancer Day, the WHO revealed alarming statistics regarding the global burden of cancer. 

Despite this, many countries struggle to finance priority cancer care services adequately. However, cancer treatment in India stands out, offering the correct diagnosis and advanced treatment options.

Supported by a vast pool of skilled medical professionals and cutting-edge technology, India maintains international quality standards in cancer care. 

Moreover, its rich data sets pave the way for groundbreaking research, leading to improved treatment pathways, early detection, and the development of new drugs.

Learn how India’s advanced cancer treatment options can help heal patients around the globe from cancer.

Cancer treatment

Advanced cancer treatment in India

With an estimated 20 million new cancer cases and 9.7 million deaths in 2022 alone, the global burden of cancer remains staggering. 

Shockingly, only 39% of countries surveyed by the World Health Organization include basic cancer management in their core health services, leaving a significant gap in care provision. 

However, amidst these challenges, India emerges as an exception for thousands of cancer patients worldwide. Boasting world-class hospitals, cutting-edge technology, and a vast pool of skilled medical professionals, India offers advanced cancer treatment at a fraction of the cost compared to developed countries. 

Annually, over 600,000 international patients flock to India for various medical procedures.

As cancer cases continue to rise globally, fueled by modern lifestyles, pollution, and genetic factors, India’s healthcare sector stands poised to address this growing crisis. 

The country’s commitment to international quality standards, coupled with rich data sets driving research and innovation, positions India as a leader in cancer care. 

From accurate diagnosis to personalized treatment plans and ongoing support, India’s holistic approach to cancer management offers hope and healing to patients seeking optimal outcomes in their fight against this deadly disease.

Why should you come to India for cancer treatment? 

In 2020, 1.83 lakh people came to India from different parts of the world for medical tourism. The number has gone up to 5.04 lakh by October 2023. 

There are many reasons behind this surge in people coming to India for treatment. The following are some of them:

Expert Medical Professionals

India boasts a large pool of skilled medical and paramedical professionals, handling over 600,000 international patients annually. These professionals provide expertise in cancer treatment, backed by rich data sets that drive research for better treatment pathways.


In India, experts are using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve cancer treatment. For instance, AI can help detect common cancers like breast cancer early by analyzing risk factors. 


It can also examine X-rays to find cancers, even in areas without imaging specialists. These are just a couple of the 18 ways The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution India aims to speed up cancer care improvements in partnership with the World Economic Forum.

Government Support and Infrastructure

The Indian government's efforts to improve medical infrastructure and streamline the medical visa process are reflected in the 6.97 lakh people who traveled to India on medical visas in 2019.


The government is actively boosting medical tourism by investing in infrastructure and offering financial support to tourism-related businesses affected by COVID-19. Major companies and hospitals are expanding to tier-II and tier-III cities, providing advanced healthcare services. 


Accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) ensures international recognition for healthcare organizations, boosting confidence in medical tourism.

Cost-effective Treatment

As per Medical Tourism Magazine, India has become well-known for providing top-notch cancer treatment that is both affordable and of high quality. The country's leading hospitals are outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies and comply with global healthcare standards. 


Indian oncologists are highly respected for their proficiency in various cancer fields, providing patients with comprehensive treatment choices including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapies. Medical tourists also find the cost-effective nature of cancer treatment in India advantageous.

Innovative cancer treatment in India

MedicoExperts, in collaboration with leading oncology surgeons and premier hospitals in India, provides comprehensive cancer care and treatment packages. These packages include state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technologies such as CyberKnife, robotic surgery, proton therapy, and TrueBeam STX radiosurgery. Regardless of the type of cancer, we have the solutions to combat it effectively!

Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies used in India for cancer treatment: 


Proton therapy

Proton therapy, or proton beam therapy, is a type of radiation treatment that uses a beam of protons to attack and eliminate cancer cells precisely. Unlike traditional radiation, protons have special qualities that enable doctors to aim the radiation more accurately at the tumor's size and shape.


Proton therapy is highly effective in treating various types of tumors, such as those found in the brain, head, neck, central nervous system, lung, prostate, and gastrointestinal system, particularly in children, due to its precise control of protons, which minimizes radiation to normal tissues, reducing the risk of serious complications and secondary tumors. To learn more about it check this article


Cyberknife radiosurgery

The CyberKnife, an advanced form of radiosurgery, is a painless and non-invasive treatment method that delivers highly concentrated radiation to precisely target and eliminate tumors or lesions in the body. Using a robotic arm, it can reach areas like the spine and spinal cord that other radiosurgery techniques may not be able to treat effectively.


CyberKnife is a popular choice for treating tumors that are difficult to operate on or are in sensitive areas. 


It's a great alternative for patients who can't or prefer not to undergo surgery, and it's effective for tumors in locations like the brain, spine, and skull base, as well as for conditions like trigeminal neuralgia, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, metastatic cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer.

To learn more about this procedure check out the article on the same


Robotic Surgery

For certain types of cancers, traditional open surgery may not be the most suitable approach. Instead, specially trained surgeons utilize robotic technology, which involves small surgical tools and a computer console, to remove the cancer.


Robotic surgery, typically done laparoscopically, involves the surgeon inserting a thin tool called a laparoscope with a tiny camera through small incisions in the patient's skin. 


The camera sends images to a monitor, allowing the surgeon to see inside without needing larger incisions.


Also known as robot-assisted surgery, this technique combines robotic and 3-D imaging technology, enabling surgeons to perform complex surgeries with greater precision than conventional methods.


During cancer surgery, surgeons aim to effectively combat the cancer while also ensuring a fast and smooth recovery for the patient.

To learn more about Robotic surgery click here.


True Beam STX Radio Surgery

TrueBeam STx is a state-of-the-art treatment system that helps doctors target difficult-to-reach tumors. Using advanced imaging technology called ExacTrac®, the machine captures images of your tumor, even as it moves with your breathing. This ensures that the radiation beams always hit your tumor accurately. 


Additionally, TrueBeam STx can adjust the shape of the radiation beam to match the shape of your tumor, potentially reducing radiation exposure to nearby healthy tissues.



In immunotherapy, by using the body's immune system, doctors can halt the growth, slow down, or eliminate cancer cells. 


Unlike chemotherapy, which directly attacks cancer cells, immunotherapy empowers the body's natural defenses to recognize and destroy cancerous cells. 

Treatment plans are tailored based on factors like cancer type, stage, and individual health, with immunotherapy often used alone or in combination with other therapies. 


With various forms of immunotherapy available, doctors aim to provide personalized and effective care, guiding patients toward remission and improved overall well-being.


Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy is a specialized treatment for blood cancer that uses drugs to precisely identify and attack cancer cells, minimizing harm to healthy ones. By targeting specific characteristics of cancer cells, such as genes and proteins, this approach disrupts their growth and survival. 


Tests help doctors tailor treatment to each patient's unique disease, ensuring the most effective approach. Targeted therapy may be used alone or with chemotherapy, offering a personalized strategy for improved outcomes and overall health.


How MedicoExperts Tumor Board can be your trusted partner in your cancer treatment journey

MedicoExperts is a global virtual hospital, prioritizes your health above everything else. We strive to make your treatment journey easy, tension-free, and 100% successful.

To ensure you get nothing but the best we have collaborated with top hospitals and super specialists in India. Our priority is to bring advanced cancer care within your budget. 

With comprehensive and well-researched information collected over the years from our patient experience in 27 countries and 8 years of outstanding patient care, we can confidently boast of about 90% success rate with the revival of patients’ health and wellbeing. 

Our ‘Tumour Board’ – a team of highly qualified cancer experts who will present a comprehensive evaluation of your medical case and recommend the best treatment approach, a mix of treatment protocols like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

Our Tumour board reviews provide a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment involving doctors of multiple specialties to evaluate and address patients’ medical conditions and diagnoses to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Here’s how we help you:

  • We get in touch with you and take reports and the history of the patient
  • Come up with a treatment plan with options that cater to your budget
  • Arrange consultations with the doctor & second opinion as well if needed
  • Empower you to make an informed decision

Book tumor board opinion

Get expert advice from a panel of cancer super specialists from the comfort of your home

How we help you get successful treatment within your budget

We strive to provide the best cancer care to you within your budget. 

We ensure that you and your family members can completely focus on your healing process instead of the treatment cost, accommodation, and other problems related to traveling to a new country for treatment.

Based on medical evaluation and diagnosis, a specially curated treatment plan will be provided to specifically target the cancer you have.

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AnnaCervical cancer

“ My name is Anna and I am 25 years of age. I was asked to get a smear test, after I was experiencing severe back pains and bleeding in between my periods. I also had very heavy menstrual bleeding. Once my results of smear test came, my gynaecologist suggested more tests. I was asked to get a colposcopy and the results were that I had stage 1b cervical cancer. I was devasted but my mother helped me through and also helped me make the right choice. How did you know about MedicoExperts? My mother actually found an ad on Facebook about cervical cancer care by MedicoExperts. She gave them a call to find out more and what are the treatment options. With the MedicoExperts team, we discussed about my reports and since I was young, we looked for non-invasive treatment options. I was recommended to undergo advanced radical trachelectomy as I wanted the least invasive method. They also suggested I do chemotherapy first which ensure that my cancer did not come back. But to get my treatment underway, I had to travel to India. After a lot of discussion and deliberation, we decided to go ahead. Team MedicoExperts was kind enough and very patient in all our doubting times. How was your experience with MedicoExperts and the Indian Surgeon? They are absolutely incredible in their approach. They made me feel at ease, and helped me stay positive. I am glad my mother found them; they have been very helpful in every way. My oncologist was an expert and my surgery went well. Before the surgery, he made sure I knew the possible side-effects and ensured I was mentally strong to handle the treatment. MedicoExperts and the entire team was very good, positive and caring. ”

OanaBreast Cancer

“ Oana was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the early age of 29, in February 2017. Tell us about yourself I am Oana, and now I am 32. I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2017. Two years ago, I felt a lump on my right breast, the first time I suspected something was wrong. An ultrasound was instructed by my gynaecologist, but the test findings were normal. A year later, I still felt the lump, but this time I had other symptoms as well, my areola had a dark spot, my nipple had crustiness and discharge, and I also had sharp pain in my chest. I asked for something other than an ultrasound to be tested and she ordered an MRI, a test that was more probable to be covered by my insurance than a mammogram and disclose any cancer in my breasts. After my MRI, I was asked to get a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy done urgently and on priority, as they found something suspicious in my scans. The results revealed I had HER2-positive breast cancer. I was terrified and almost lost, but my family helped me cope with it all. We started discussing the possible treatment options I had and the best place to get them done. How did you know about MedicoExperts? My father’s colleague suggested MedicoExperts, as she too had breast cancer and MedicoExperts assisted her for her treatment, and is doing really well today. My dad started to find them online and got in touch with them on my behalf initially. Later, I spoke with them, shared my reports and received consultation from their doctor as well. The breast onco-surgeon has good experience and was also very renowned. However, I had to travel for my double mastectomy surgery in India. Since, we already had a reference, we were not too scared to make the decision. How was your experience with MedicoExperts and the Indian Surgeon? ”

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